Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Just one more day of dressing up and celebrating...yeah! I think I've been a little party poopish this year with the Halloween thing. I think I'm just tired of picking up all the pieces of cowboy and pirate costumes but the kids LOVE them! Thank heavens for hand-me-downs! With all the sugar going around tonight I'm so excited for Primary tomorrow. I don't think my sharing time will even matter. I'll be doing good to keep their attention.
Yeah for Halloween; costumes, trick or treating, sugar, friends and family.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween is Coming....

I know. I need to work on her brushing habits.
It might make her a happier baby.
Less of a MONSTER!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm A Believer

So all the cussing stories ARE TRUE! Tonight I heard my first swear word come out of my son's mouth. I was definitly NOT expecting to hear it. He was looking for his shoes and couldn't find one of them. He came in from outside and shouted, "Where the hell is that shoe!?" I totally stopped what I was doing and gave him the, "What the heck did you just say" look. I told him he couldn't say that word and he said, "I say it all the time, mom. You just don't hear me." Well, I guess that makes it ok, right? No harm done :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Turdi!!

Trudi with her prize winning petunia at our Sister's 5K Fun Run '09

The three medal winners at the 5K '09

She's a SUPER STAR!!

Today is My sister Trudi's b-day (yes, I spelled her name wrong on the title on purpose)--some of you went back and looked, didn't you? Anyway, I was laying in bed thinking about my day when I remembered I hadn't called her or done anything to wish her a happy birthday! So, following blog tradition, here's your b-day shout out!

Things I love about Trudi:
She's a cleaning machine.
She's always up for a bargain or sale {-k-so who's not?}
She's a totally awesome v-ball coach for those Grantsville Cowboys.
She's a supportive wife and mother
She makes girls weekends so much fun (I'll never forget sharing a bed with her one night and we tried all night to and laugh like my sister Cheri. My abs hurt from laughing so hard)
She's full of energy, the kind I hope I have when I turn 40 like her--{just teasin' Trudi. Even though I know you're not 40 -yet- I had to give you a hard time about your age}

Here's a little video from one of my favorite Girl's Weekends spent at the Washington Community Center climbing the rock wall: I may have blogged about this before but it's worth a second look. I should have Kandice do some cute video with it like she did if my boys that's posted on her blog. Are you up for it Kandice??

I love you Trudi! I totally get a "kick" out of any time I get to spend with you! I Hope you're day was one for the books....or the blog!!

Just needed one more video to show you what a nut my sister is. I mean, even in pretend basketball games she's a little slow, yet not a quiter! Way to ALMOST block that shot! :0)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Eleven Months...already!

I'm a day late in posting but it's crazy that it's been eleven months already. What would we do without this cute baby girl? I'm trying to catch up on her books but she really has nothing printed. Guess that's what she gets for being the third child. Worst part is that I haven't even had her pictures taken (professionally) yet. I keep thinking I'll ask someone with a really nice camera to do it for me...but that's as far as it goes. Thinking.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Potty Talk

So this is one for the archives that Payton can pull out and smile about down the road. The last two weeks while I'm at work (I'm only working one day a week mind you) I get a phone call from the elementary school letting me know Payton has had an accident during PE and needs to be picked up to have his clothes changed.

{THE FIRST TIME IT HAPPENED} I called Tiff to see if she could take care of the problem. I told her not to worry about getting him back to school because he didn't have that much of school left anyway. Well, Tiff relay's this story on to me later. She said she had bought some new scent stuff to spray in her car that smelled like fall. She also said that Tanner thought it stunk and didn't like it. Well, apparently Payton has his dad's sniffer and anything that might have a cinnamon spice smell to it he doesn't like either. So Tiff's putting Khloee in her seat when she hears Payton say, "What the hell happened here" or something similar (definitely had the "h" word in there somewhere). He was talking about the smell in the car but Tiff thought maybe he had heard him wrong or something so she didn't say anything. She gets in and they start down the road and Payton says (again), "What the hell is that smell." Had it been his mother in the car there wouldn't be so much laughing but because it was Tiff she just joked around with him about the smell he was smelling. Later Todd talked to him about saying the word and let him know it was a swear word.
{WEEK NUMBER TWO} --this was yesterday-- I get another phone call from the school letting me know Payton has had an accident during PE and needs to be picked up. Of all days!! THE ONE DAY I WORK! So, I call Tiff again. She's in St. George so I call a neighbor--no answer. I go to my last and final life line which is the dad across the street that's going to school and his wife works so he's at home with all us mom's being the Mr. Mom. He's a good sport and goes down to get the pee body and then take him back to school for the last hour. (totally cost me a dozen cookies, but well worth it). I get done with work and Tiff relays a new swearing session about Payt. There's a song on the radio by All-American Rejects called "Gives you Hell" {yes, I just looked that up for you all} It was on while Tiff was driving and Payton was singing along. Tiff didn't even know those were the lyrics of the song until she heard Payton singing them. So, she has a little chat with him about the word hell and how it's a swear word. Payton said, "Well, we can't say 'what the hell' but it's ok if we say 'I feel like hell' cause that's not swearing." Oh my, my my. We've got some teaching to do. I'm still trying to figure out where he learned the blasted word! So, the potty talk saga may not be over. Funny thing is that he hasn't said it around me yet...yet! Oh! and I asked about why he's peeing during PE {ironic eh? P.E. like pee?} He said he didn't want to mess up the game and go into the bathroom. I guess either way, he messed up the game now didn't he!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

G-ma Ila's Obituary

Ila Jean Reidhead (September 9, 1938 - October 4, 2009)
St. George, UT - Ila Jean Earl Reidhead, 72, passed away peacefully in the night, October 4, 2009. She was born July 9, 1938, in Cedar City, Utah to James Niles and Minerva Earl. She grew up in Virgin, Utah. She married Wesley Wayne Calico, December 22, 1956. They had two sons, Dennis Everett and Darrell Wayne. They were later divorced. She married Roy Richard Reidhead February 10, 1967. Ila became a mother to Roy’s children, Richard, Vanita and Marylynn. Her and Roy were sealed in the St. George temple February 14, 1970. In 1979, they were blessed with a son, Ryan Earl. Ila worked hard. In 1964 she went to work at Kellwood Company. For 21 years she worked sewing sleeping bags and tents. In 1985 she began working for the school lunch program and worked for 20 years retiring in 2005. She was a member of the LDS church and worked in the library for many years. She loved singing in the ward choir. She was a devoted visiting teacher. She was a temple worker and faithfully attended the temple weekly as long as she was able. Ila is survived by her husband, Roy; children: Richard (Terri) Reidhead, Vanita (Ernie) Pack, Marylynn (Dennis) Thompson, Darrell Calico, Ryan (Nicki) Reidhead, daughter-in-law Julie Calico (Blair) Hiatt; sisters: Velva Rice, Pauline (Boyd) Glover, Buelah Semmens; brother, June (Norma) Earl; 15 grandchildren; 29 great-grandchildren; and 1 great-great grandchild. She was preceded in death by her parents; brother, Neldon Earl; sisters, Delmina Chenovic and Anita Corry; son, Dennis Calico; and grandson, Trent Calico. Funeral services will be held Friday, October 9, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. at the Washington Main Street Chapel, 82 N. Main St., Washington, Utah. Visitation will be held Friday from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m. at the chapel, prior to services. Interment will be in the Washington City Cemetery. Arrangements entrusted to the care of Metcalf Mortuary, 435-673-4221.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grandma Ila

Grandma Ila, Alanson, Porter & Aunt Ada 2007

We found out first thing this morning that Todd's Grandma Ila passed away early in the morning hours in her sleep. I've known her for longer than most people know their husbands grandmas. Who knew I'd end up marrying her grandson years later. She was in my home ward growing up and I was quickly called to repentance of my opinion of her when I started dating Todd. She was always in the ward choir and although she didn't have the greatest of voices, she at least tried!
In our early married years she was always giving us loaves of bread, bread sticks, chicken noodle know, things grandma's bake and like to give away. She was always giving and thinking of others when she really didn't have anything to give or should have given anything. I can't count the number of times she gave our kids (and Todd and I) money in birthday or Christmas cards when she could have used the money more for herself--and should have used it on her self for things she really needed.
She will be missed but I'm glad my children got to know her before she passed away. One cute thing Porter said today I need to write down because I liked it. Lately, well since the rodeo, Porter's been telling me about a rodeo in Heaven that has cowboys riding horses and there is water spraying while they ride. He calls it a water rodeo in heaven. Well, when I told him this morning that Grandma Ila had died and was in heaven now he said, "Is she riding in the water rodeo?" I had to smile and tell him it was possible. I just didn't know, but I do know she's with loved ones that have passed before her, one being Todd's dad Dennis and little brother Trent. What a great reunion it must have been.