Monday, June 23, 2008

This might Get Your Goat!

My grandpa was a rancher and raised cattle and sheep. He passed away when I was young so I didn't get to know him well, but I'm sure if he had any sense of humor and had seen his granddaughter's skills he would have been laughing so hard that it would give Tears in Heaven a new meaning. Our neighbor, Santa (that's what the kids call him because of the beard), had a goat. He kept it penned up and on a chain right next to the wall where the kids could peek over and tell DJ (that's the goat) hello every now and then. As I was getting ready to go to the bank today I noticed ol' DJ was out of Santa's gate and running down the street. I ran to Santa's to see if he knew and by the look on his face, he knew. We chased that goat from Main Street down to 300 West all the way down to Telegraph street (for those who know Washington from my house down to the Staheli Barn). Just when we thought we had it cornered DJ showed us how stupid we really were. Just picture an old bearded man, a pregnant woman with her two children trying to catch a goat that didn't want anything to do with them. After an hour of being out in 100 degree weather Santa called it quits and said "He's got water and grass, let's just leave him". And with that, we got into our air conditioned car and went about our day. I guess I'm not as intimidating as I thought because I couldn't seem to get that darn goat turned the right way so we could just chase it on home. Nothin' but good memories for Santa, Payton and I. Hope DJ has a good life...where ever he may roam. --wish I had a picture to share but...well, you understand.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Youth Conference

Last weekend I was able to go up to Manti with the youth of our ward for our Ward Youth Conference. We went to the Manti Pageant Thursday night. I remember watching the pageant when I was little but I remember very little from back then...except for the angel Moroni on top of the temple. The pageant was great and made me think about how little I really know about the Book of Mormon. Now when I read the B.O.M I really try to figure out who's talking and how they relate to those I might know a little better in the book of mormon. The next day we got to do a service project on the temple grounds. The weeds there are nothing like the weeds here. They all came out so easily...must be the location? Later that day was spent at Palasade Lake (I hope I spelled it right). It was so beautiful there. I'm so used to red rock and red dirt that the green trees and grass threw me off a bit. The water was freezing but that didn't stop the crazy teenagers. I got plenty of sunshine while we were there. That night was our testimony meeting. It was different than most of the testimony meetings I've been to. We held it in the front room of the home we were staying in instead of building a fire and going outside. It was good to hear the testimonies of the youth. This next sunday our ward is getting new Bishopric as well as having our ward boundaries changed to there was a lot of emotion during the testimony meeting. After that we cooked s'mores over the BBQ and then called it a night. We were up the next day ready to clean house and pack up. It seemed like short Youth Conference but I really enjoyed my time with the youth and all the leaders. I'm so glad there are great programs like this in the church. Just thinking about my own boys getting to have opportunities like this down the road makes me excited because they were so important in my youth and helped me gain the testimony I have now.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, to my own dad, my father in law, my grandparents and of course to my own hubby, Todd! Sometimes Mother's Day is a bummer because it's so close to my birthday and it seems like it all gets celebrated together, but Father's Day is great because I get to just focus on those special men in my life.
First let me tell you some things I remember about my own dad that makes me love him and appreciate him. He's always been a hard worker. I don't remember him staying home from work even when he sounded like death warmed over. I loved going down to Bloomington Elementary with him and he would let us ride the scooters in the gym and watch movies and read books in the library. On special occasions he would get me a pop out of the pop machine which I thought was sooo cool because I didn't need money to get a drink. I remember watching my sister's play ball with my parents and while dad didn't yell much while they played (and mom would yell when it was something good, "Good One!") I remember the coaches corner when the game was over. I don't remember being coached in the corner much, probably because dad knew I wasn't going to be that great at sports anyway so why try. Or it could have been that there was no room for improvement--I think that was the reason, all right. I loved watching the Jazz games on his bed with him. They could get pretty exciting and that bed is pretty fun to jump on. I loved dancing with him in the kitchen while he made up some melody for us to dance to. You wouldn't know he was such a good singer with all that talk he says now while being in the choir in Nauvoo but he sure could make up some great songs. I loved sharing his chips and salsa with him and although I hated helping hold up the tomato plants in the garden while he tilled up the garden I loved eating his tomato's when they were juicy and red. I sure loved dog piling and shoving my hands in his arm pits to get a reaction. Of course there are so many other memories, Christmas, family reunions, camping, his big belch after dinner but always telling mom thanks for the meal, the list goes on and on.Dad, thanks for all the great memories and especially for teaching me the gospel in my life. I think that's one of the reasons I feel obligated to my church callings is because of the example my dad set for me. He was always dedicated to his callings in the church. I love you dad!

Of course Father's Day wouldn't be complete without telling my own hubby what a great dad he is. The boys love him and Porter is always asking to go not the most opportune time. There are still morning's he wakes up and asks his dad to take him turkey hunting again. I'm glad he loves to take his boys in the hills with him so he can share time and memories with them just like I know he has of his own dad. Dennis (Todd's dad) was Todd's best friend and I know he doesn't want anything different with his own boys. If you ask Payton who his best friend is he'd say Luke but if you ask him who his bud is he'd say his dad. He's a great example of hard work and hard play and he's always getting on me about eating healthy and living right. Glad to have a nutritionist in the family to make me feel guilty. I know the boys love him so much and I'm so glad that we're having another baby (which Todd hopes is a girl) to share the love that our family has to give. Happy Father's Day sweetie! I love you!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Piggy Back Rides

You can tell it's been a pretty boring day when I blog about the boys giving each other piggy back rides. At least they were smart enough to have Porter on the back of Payton instead of the other way around. Of course they had to be wearing their swim suits so they could play in the irrigation water a little later. We seem to be going shirtless lately as much as possible--of course that's just the boys, not the mom...although it sounds a bit cooler to run around that way.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Kandice!!

It's Kandice's birthday today! Happy Birthday little sis! The boys and I called her this morning and sang her a beautiful birthday song which I'm sure she enjoyed...I mean how could you not? Kandice keeps my boys every Tuesday while I go to work for my "day off". I never have the boys complain in the mornings they go to Kandice's. They might be tired but they're never sad about going to visit Kandice and Emmie for the day. Thanks Kandice!! She's the awesome aunt that does fun activities with the boys like make cookies or turkey crafts for Thanksgiving and there have been a few occasions when she lets the boys slip and slide in her house, yes in her house, with shaving cream. They love it! Kandice has always been my go to when I need to know what something means. Of course she never lets me live it down that I didn't know what the word meant but she at least tells me the meaning of the word(s). I'm so glad I have a little sister that is sooo much smarter than me. She's my little miss prissy gladiator and I'd do anything in the world for her! We love you Kandice!