Saturday, May 31, 2008

Go Yankee's! (T-ball Yankee's only)

Well, T-ball has come to the close and thus our first season of playing sports is at an end. How I will miss watching my son look so stunning in his t-shirt, cleats, baseball mitt and his so awesome hat. I think back and wonder why the heck I didn't video tape the boy with all the skills he showed this season. I mean no one else on the team warmed up quite the way Payton did when he was up to bat. He had to take about three warm up swings to make sure he was going to hit the ball and then sometimes it took three real swings to hit the ball. His Aunt Tiff and I were the coaches this year so not only did I get to enjoy the games but also the joy that comes with practice. After Todd watched a couple games he decided he needed to get and throw the ball and help him hit the ball so he didn't look so outstanding. I guess his dad decided he only needed one practice one on one with the boy because that's all he seemed to get in. Even G-ma Julie came and watched the all star hit a "fire ball"--at least Payton felt good about his games. That's really all that matters. It was a fun season. I'll post the team picts as soon as Tiff decides to share them. GOOOO Yankees!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

The weekend of Memorial Day started on Saturday for us. Uncle Dave bought a new motorcylce and brought it over to show the boys. Todd was gone fishing with some of his buddies on the fire crew so we were really bored...just making bran muffins and watching TV. I thought Dave was just going to show off his new toy but he actually took us all for a ride. Payton ran faster than ever to get his shoes and socks on (the wrong foot of course) and then he needed his helmet because Dave had a helmet. He loved it. He said his favorite thing was the bumps. When we put Porter on I was a big nervous that he might fall off the back but he held on tight and made it back alive. When it was my turn I was a bit nervous. It's a bit different than a four wheeler. Payton said his favorite parts were the bumps but I think that was my least favorite part. I think the best part was starting and stopping. I know I look like a total biker babe is this picture and I actually knew better than to put in on but I'm going against my better judgement just to give you all a good laugh. Go on...yuck it up! Well the morning started out fun anyway. We love Dave's new toy!

That afternooon we took naps and then we drove out to Fredonia with Kandice Dave and Emmie to ride horses. Someone gave us a free horse named Jem and Todd hadn't riden her yet so we took the chance to go out and ride horses. I wish I had a picture of us on the horses but it didn't turn out so here's a picture of Kandice and Emmie on Kandice's horse. Payton rode with me (on a horse named Brown) and Porter rode with Dave. We all had fun although Payton wanted to ride with his dad the whole time and Porter's little boy part was getting a bit squished on the saddle. It was a fun way to end the day.

Sunday was spent in an early Sacrament meeting so we could make it to a family reunion that Todd's g-ma Ila had in Virgin later that day. It was fun for the kids because they had a big bounce house that kept all the kids entertained. Of course the reunion wasn't enough fun for me to take any pictures so I'll just call it good by telling you it was great.

Monday Todd left in the morning with Dave to go ride horses again. I took the boys up to the new City Rec. Center and let them swim. Payton loves to swim everywhere. I strap on his life jacket and he's off to the races. I'm sure the lifeguards hate him because they tell him to stop running and he listens to them just as well as he listens to his mom. Just ask Tason (my nephew) who is a lifeguard at the pool. That night after we got all cleaned up from swimming we took the boys out to the cemetary in Santa Clara. The boys asked plenty of questions and let us know if they died they would just wake up and be alive again. It was good for us to go and visit the gravesites of Todd's dad and little brother Trent.

Well, to say the least it was an evenful Memorial Day Weekend. I think we made some memories that will last a little while. Porter's not ready to go on a horse any time soon because of his experience so maybe not all the memories made are good but at least they're memories.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

It's summertime and there are a few things that I really like about summer. I had to take a few pic's because I think they are so neat.
Roses in bloom...
Grapes that will soon be on the vine...
Racing the birds for the Cherries on the tree... My garden...see the melons I didn't even plant this year? They were from my garden last year. I guess it was alright that one of them rotted on the vine last year so I could have melons this year with out the effort. Just squash (yellow crook neck and zuchinni) and tomatoes this year...
Here's my tomatoes. I finally have a couple on the vine--YEAH!And last but not least...

Popcicles on the porch!!

Of course there is the summer full of swimming fun but I haven't dared take the camera to the pool...yet. That will be a blog for another day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Almost a Home Owner...Almost

So building a house isn't as tough as some say. It's actually going pretty darn fast. We're in the process of insulating now and then later this week (so Todd says) we're supposed to be getting some of the dry wall completed. It's actually looking like a house and pretty soon I'm going to know what it's like to pay for a house. I'm enjoying the process while we go. Of course there are a few set backs and I'm learning what it's going to be like when we have our own home that we have to take care of and manage...even when things go wrong. Yesturday we went and met w/ the guy doing the insulation and he pointed out our first broken window. Someone had thrown a rock through it and it will have to be replaced. Bad thing is we haven't even paid for the windows yet (still waiting for that invoice).
I guess things happen to home which make it a liability with all the upkeep. I am excited to be moving in the next couple months because it's our FIRST HOME!! Payton is loving the neighbors and will love living closer to his best friend Luke.
I will have to take some more recent photos of the house but I keep wanting to wait until the stucco is done or the roofing is finished.

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's Official

So some of you already knew about me being "heavy with child" but it was officially posted Sunday for Mother's Day. I made a couple shirts for the boys to wear to our Mother's Day dinner we have at Todd's Grandma's. Everyone thought Porter's was the cutest because at the bottom is said, "I hope it's a baby kitty"...which is really what he thinks it is...or hopes it is.
It was a fairly decent mother's day--at least as good as could be expected seeing that we still have to entertain our children through sacrament meeting (boy do I love Nursery and Primary and the teachers that make it a great place to be). For some dumb reason when I think of mother's day I think of having a day off or something but it's almost like you're busier that day than any other day. Of course there's nothing like seeing your 4 year old go up and sing with the Primary for the "Mother's Day Medley" that I know my son doesn't have a clue the words. At least he looked cute standing by his primary friend Elijah and choking each other and tickling the girl on the other side of him. What a proud moment those were. It's great to be a mom and I can't imagine what I'd be doing if I weren't here with these two great boys every day!!