Friday, November 18, 2011

Time With Tiff Treats

We were able to move the majority of our stuff on the 11th of November--yes, Julia's birthday. The cool one that was 11-11-11. That next night Tiff brought over a jar filled with candy and the cutest poem attached:

Whenever you think about your favorite Aunt Tiff
Just undo the lid and go ahead and take a whiff
Then choose your favorite candy
unwrap and chew it slow
and think about the fact tha
your my favorite too, you know.
Love, Tiff

She made me feel like such a dud because she's just so dang creative and thoughtful. Well, the next morning the kids came into my room. Porter said, "Mom, I'm thinking about Luke." in that somewhat whine voice he has. Julia of course followed suite and said she was thinking about Luke too. I knew this was leading to the treat jar Tiff had brought the night before. I told them that they had to be thinking about Tiff, not Luke, to which they quickly changed their thinking.
Several times throughout the day they would say, "Mom, I'm just thinking about Tiff again." and they would get their treat. After a while I told them that there was a limit of thinking of Tiff to only four times a day so stop thinking about Tiff!!

We love our Aunt Tiff (and the treats she brings!)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Bus Left Me!

Porter being picked up for Kindergarten
Moving to our new house has brought many changes. One of these changes has been a new school. We don't live close enough for the kids to walk/ride bikes or scooters anymore. They have to ride the bus. They are totally excited!! We'll see how long this lasts.
This morning I sent Payton up the road a little after 8:00 am...thinking the bus came around 8:10? the bus stop is just up the street from us and I watched from the road until I saw the bus do its loop around the subdivision above ours. I couldn't see Payton but assumed he would get on the bus. Around 8:15 he came back home. I asked what had happened! How could he have missed the bus??!!
"The bus just left me!" Payton said. I told him that he had to run to the bus stop because the bus doesn't wait for kids who are just taking their own sweet time to get on the bus. About 8:30 I loaded the kids up to take Payton to school. As I'm about to round the corner, I see a group of elementary aged kids across the road playing. I asked Payt if that was his bus stop. He said, "Well, that's where they dropped me off yesterday." I said, "Ok-it's your bus stop. You haven't missed the bus. Get out of the car and go wait with the other kids."
No wonder the other bus left him. It wasn't his bus! I'm sure this is of the first of many 'New School' experiences we will have.
(pictures will be coming...)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tiger Style Wrestling

I know. I never thought I would miss the day of being a "Hurricane Tiger". I've always been so true and proud to be a Panther, but having kids do activities in Tiger Territory has changed my opinion. My boys have loved the wrestling program that Hurricane High puts on. Last night was their first tournament for this year and they both did so well! Porter took third as a 38 lb. kindergarten kid and Payton took first in the 2nd grade 75-94 lb bracket. Yea, Payton was the chunky one in the bracket and will probably get put with 3rd graders next tourny but he loves his gold. 
I need to write one thing from wrestling this year because I know I'll forget it later. At one of the their practices I couldn't be there because I was working and Todd was out on a fire. Tiff was willing to pick the boys up and drop them off to their practice that night. When I picked the boys up on my way home from work I asked how things went. Payton said he had to wrestle 100 lb. third grade girl in practice! Then he told me what his coach had told him...
"Coach Hirschi said, 'Is this a sport for girls?' and I said no and he said, 'Make her cry! Make her wanna go home!"
So I asked him if he made her cry. He said, "Well, a little but that was before the coach said anything to me."
I had a quick conversation with his coach and he told me, "Ya know, we teach our boys to respect girls but when we're on the football field or the wrestling mat, we tell our boys to beat the hell out of each other."
I just smiled because I know Todd feels the same way but as a girl/mom I wasn't quite sure how to feel about my boy making a girl cry. I just hoped the girl would not want to come back the next week. I was wrong. Oh well? The most ironic thing of all was that 'the girl' he was wrestling was Casey Shomaker, one of our neighbors when we lived in the basement on Telegraph in Washington.
-Wrestling Tiger Style-

Bronze medal
I'm not sure why I don't have any pictures of Payton but here's a little video footage...

Friday, November 4, 2011

La Verkin Elementary

I love this school!! We live close enough that the boys can ride their bikes or scooters to school. I don't worry about them getting to or from school safely. There have been numerous times that the boys have had problems with bike chains falling off or some other bike problem where someone has helped them fix the problem and I had no idea there even was a problem! That's the kind of people that live in this area. I feel so safe and I know my kids are being taught good things by great teachers!
Last night was their 3rd annual Dance Festival. I only videoed a little of each of their performances because my digital camera is not the greatest...especially at long distances...and while I'm holding a baby. Forgive the blurry moments and the shaking.

Go Cubs!!
-I won't get to say that too much longer!-

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Living Close to Number 3

Another thing I'm going to miss when we move is living close to my sister, Tiffani. I say #3 because out of the five of us girls she's the third one. It's been nice for me because no matter where I live I've had one sister that was no further than 10 minutes away. I don't know how many times I've been somewhere (like WalMart, the Library, a get the idea) and someone will ask if I'm related to Tiffani Wright. Yup! Sure 'nough. Apparently, even though Tiff and I don't always see it, we look alike AND talk alike. It's been fun to let our kids do things together like swimming at the Hurricane Pool and playing at each others houses. I like the visit's Tiff makes when she has to drop Khloee off at dance so it's just her and her babe, Alaina t hat come and hang for an hour. It's fun to just be able to sit around and catch up on whatever needs to be chatted about.
I do feel bad about always complaining about Hurricane being so far away from St. George so that was why we wouldn't visit her much. And then we decided to move to La Verkin--it's even further!
Tiff making me a delicious birthday breakfast. I knew she'd love this pic so I threw it in
Julia and Alaina on one of their 'dance visits'
Julia has always loved Tiff. The bond must have been made when Tiff started as Julia's "roll coach"
 You know I love ya' Tiff and I'll miss seeing so much of you. But since we're saving so much money on Todd's gas to work, that means that a little trip to Hurricane now and then won't break the bank!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Double Header

I think this picture might speak for itself. I will miss you double headed shower. This was always one of Todd's FAVORITE features of his house building adventure.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My 'Back up' Vacuum

Although I will miss my central vac in our home, I'm going to miss my back up vacuum. It's our neighbors chihuahua, Bentley. He has helped me numerous times to clean up my kitchen. Today while Julia ate her roman noodles, she allowed Bentley to help too. 

We'll miss you Bentley! ... even though Todd will never admit to  it!