Sunday, June 28, 2009

With permission only

I haven't had much to blog about for a while so I'm pulling one from the archives. I asked Payton if it was alright if I used this video for the blog. I laugh every time I watch it even though it's a bit dark...but what do you expect when you're sneaking up on your five year old while he's singing on the toilet! Enjoy!! ( just don't embarrass the boy when you see him.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things that are growing

Just wanted to show off a few things that are growing at our house...
Jul's is 7 months now! She's not really crawling...yet. She's really good at the stink bug thing though. Here daddy calls her "Ju Ju Bug" now that she's getting around a bit.
Todd and I both think she's the cutest baby girl ever!
My garden is blooming this year. The squash are taking over! I'm still so sad that my tomatoes didn't make it this year. I'm going to have to bum off someone else to keep me happy.
This years garden consists of crookneck, zucchini and butternut squash, tomato's (only 2 out of 10 plants are still alive), cucumbers (most of them pickling cucumbers), yellow peppers and watermelon.
It's really small compared to my other plants but that lighter green plant is my watermelon plant. I hope we get something to grow on it this year!

Have you ever seen such pokey cucumbers? I sure hope they make good pickles!
Todd and I love having these little babies in our scrambled eggs--Delicious!
I decided to make zucchini bread out of our first I'm giving away as much of it as I can....if you want some, let me know!
We had our first taste of yellow squash last night. mmmm was it good! Payton even liked it!
Of course the boys are growing too but they didn't make the post this time...what a bummer! (Speaking of bummer, Todd and I are growing too but not in an attractive way. The gut and the butt issues around here have got to go!)
We hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as Julia's enjoying this melon!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Just Two Things Dad

Best Buds

Todd got called out on a fire today so he had a few hours after he got home from work to pack and get ready to head to Arizona for...well until the fire it out--however long that takes. Julia and I were the only ones in the garage as Todd was about to pull out for his voyage when Payton came running outside to tell his dad goodbye. Todd opened his door to give him a hug goodbye and Payton says, "Just two things I wanna' tell you, dad. One is drive safely and the other is don't catch on fire." I was grinning ear to ear and watching Todd in amazement that his smile wasn't bigger. Then Todd said, "There's just two things I wanna' tell you, Payt. One is I love you and the other is I love you." Payton climbed into the truck and gave his dad a huge hug goodbye. I just didn't want to forget that. (Payton made it more memorable when he prayed tonight for the same things.) I sure hope Todd doesn't catch on fire!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vegas Fun...No Quarters Needed

Porter's attempt at catching the ball
Jul's keepin' cool
Here's some fun pictures from our trip to Henderson. I'm so glad Kandice could have a birthday and Cheri was willing to let us all come down. It was a bit to short for me because I'm just not ready to get back to life as usual here in LA. I guess it's just like the song says...Back to Life, Back to Reality. Thanks Cheri for all the fun!

Father 'n Sons

Todd decided he was going to take the boys to father and sons this year. I was TOTALLY for it!
The boys were so excited to go camping with their dad!
They had to wash their hands and faces before they could go...I'm not sure why

Julia was not at all happy they weren't taking her--ok so she was just ticked I sat her down so I could take a picture.
Todd took my challenge of taking at least one picture. He surprised me and took these!
(Brace yourselves-- These are dirty photo's!)

I should have taken a picture of the dirt monsters when they came home but I was more concerned about what they were touching and where they were sitting to pull out the camera. I did have a nice pile of dirt and rocks on my floor where they took their shoes off. Yeah for camping, the great outdoors and of course Daddy's!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Kandice!

If things go to plan this post will show up Tuesday while my sisters and I are in Vegas. My plan is for Tiffani and I to steal Kandice away Monday afternoon and take her to Cheri's (who lives in Henderson, NV) where we're just going to play and swim and hang out and swim all night and the next day. Of course we're taking all our kids so it won't all be fun and play but close enough. Kandice's b-day is the 2nd of June so we have to bring her back that day so she can spend time with her hubby--even if he's not as much fun as us girls.
Here's my love list for Kandice:

I love that she can say or do anything (belch, fart, say things) and not feel embarassed or like she's offending anyone. She's free spirited!

I love that she's so good at doing hair--so does Todd when it comes to the cutting part.

I love that she's my big little sister (she's been that way for a LONG time)

I love that she's willing to help me out anytime I need her

I love that I got to work with her at Charlies

I love that we were raised at the tail end so we had each other to hang out with growing up--loved making cookie dough in the basement while our mom and dad were sleeping upstairs.

I love that she's always full of crazy ideas. Sometimes they happen and sometimes they don't but she's always planning the next big thing!

I love that she's my sister! And it wouldn't be right not to say I love her more than family!

Happy B-day Kandice. I hope I'll have some great pictures to post of our trip when we get home!