Friday, May 22, 2009

The results are in

One day he's wearing only your
church boots with his undies,
the next day he's off to school...

Today I was informed that they had the lists posted of next years teachers and who would be in their classes. I feel a bit silly because ever since I heard it I've been wanting to just go look and see who Payton has for a teacher next year. It's a whole summer away but it reminded me of all those ball try-outs and the lists they post of who made the team. I actually got that anxiety feeling when we pulled up outside the school to see the list. I scrolled down the list of Kindergarten teachers expecting Payton to be in one of the afternoon classes and lo and behold.... Payton will be in Mrs. Nay's morning kindergarten class this August. I don't know Mrs. Nay (nor did I know they other Kindergarten teacher) but I'm so excited for Payton to start school! Too bad I didn't recognize any of the other names on the list so I don't have a clue who any of the other kids (or their parents) are. Yeah for strangers and making new friends!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

You know it's time when....

This morning I was sitting by Porter who was super anxious to get his shoes and socks on this morning because of the new neighbor boy next door (well, across the street). I hadn't showered yet and have been feeling a little low on energy the past few days so I was dragging my feet to get the kids going...although the kids weren't...dragging their feet that is. Well, I leaned over to tie Porter's shoe and his head was under my arm. Porter says, "Ewwwe. Your armpit stinks, mom". Ain't he a sweetie. That's when I knew it was time to get my rump in the shower and get going for the day. Didn't need much more encouragement.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Tiff!

Tiffani is the one who got me started on this whole Blog trip so it just wouldn't be right (wright) not to give her a little shout out on her B-day.

But first, Payton would like to type a little something to his Aunt Tiff:
jijijhjihjgijjgijgjijgjtjgjigjjgjjgjhujihhu yuodjiuhy uhdiju huthryijityirjthrjjoe
payton dennis calico
(hmm must be that spanish he knows that I don't.)
Here's the translation he told me:

Happy Birthday to you. Just that you're the greatest aunt. I hope you have a great birthday. and that's all.

Alright, turn...HERE GOES!
My favorite things about Tiffani:
She's one of my go-to's for IDEAS! She's so creative and helps me when I second guess myself and actually comes up with something better.
She's a very patient mother. She can keep her cool better than anyone I know. She just doesn't sweat the small stuff.

She's a lot like Mary Poppins...Practically Perfect in Every Way. I think since we've moved I have more people ask if I'm Tiffani's sister...Even in the InstaCare the front desk lady asked. I'm going to take it as a compliment even if it's not.

She's so full of energy and is always playing with her kids in some way, shape or form. She even talked us sisters into running a 5k this year, which i think has turned into an annual event.

Tiff's got a great sense of humor and I think out of all us girls we may think the most alike...or at least we end up saying the same words together...A LOT OF THE TIME. It's crazy.

I loved growing up with Tiff and hearing about her dates, seeing her go to dances in her gorgeous dresses, watching her play ball (in every sport), sharing rides with her to H.S. pushing the "pumpkin" out of parking spots (it was her car she drove in H.S. and it had no reverse. how it passed inspections year after year I don't know).

Thanks for putting up with my kids and of course putting up with me all these years! We love living closer to you and being able to "play" with you all the time! Happy Birthday!!
As a side note...CONGRATS on the upcoming baby!!
(It's ok to tell now, right Tiff?)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Like Father Like Son

Check out my mini archer in training. He's been wanting to shoot his bow ever since his dad pulled it out to let him try it.
(Todd made the boys repeat them to him)

..A bow is not a toy, it is a weapon!..
..I will never shoot my bow unless my dad is with me.. (this rule got changed to "if my mom or dad is with me")..
I will never shoot my bow if kids are outside playing..
I think he looks like a cute little archer and I love seeing Todd outside with him trying to help him. Here's the check list they go through..
..Knock (the arrow)

..Finger tabs


..Draw ..Anchor


This doesn't happen very often so when he hits the target, we have to take a picture!
With the practice lately it's been shortened to "Stance, Anchor, Aim, Release". Can't wait until his dad will take him with him to tournaments so they can shoot together. He's getting better at shooting his bow but he's not very accurate...YET! At least he's learning. I'll post some more video later when I make the time to choose the cutest one.