Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let Me Smell!

This is a memory Kandice will not let me forget...
Before I was married we were down at the Washington Park (now the Veteran's Memorial Park) and I can't really remember what we were doing. Anyway a couple little boys came out of the bathrooms and we didn't know them but that didn't stop me from talking to them. I asked them if they flushed the toilets and they both said, "yeah." Then I asked if they washed their hands and they both said, "yeah" and then I said, "Let me Smell them" not really planning on smelling two little boys hands that just came out of the bathroom. They turned around and went back into the bathroom grinning because they had lied to some stranger about washing their hands.

That story has come back to me time and again as a mother. My boys are always trying to convince me they've done something when they really haven't and I have to use my nose for my detective work. (you know the usual things....washing their hands, brushing their teeth, washing their hair etc.)

Well, tonight I heard Payton turn the shower off and Porter was in the tub and I hear Porter say, "Payton, did you wash your hair?" and Payton of course said yes. Then Porter said, "Let me smell!" I just had a smile on my face listening to the whole conversation. Of course this is just something I needed to write down for myself and only a few will find it funny. But that's kinda' how all my blogs are.

Must have been the previous blog

So we had a much better night last night. Actually caught sleep at 4 hours at a time instead of 2!! YIPEE! and Porter stayed in his bed until 5am this time. Making improvement--thanks for your advice everyone. I was temped to take Shannon up on her offer but thought I should send my kids to her house instead of me. They love being over there so much.
I just wanted to blog about one sentence today. It was said during the breakfast blessing by none other than my best prayer giver Payton. I'm not sure where this word came from unless he's recalling it from the HeMan DVD's we rented from the library.
He blessed the food and thanked Heavenly Father for the beautiful day. Then he said, "And bless President Monson's.... "(there was a pause here and I wondered what we were getting at) "...Universes..." Universes? Like Masters of the Universe? Don't know but thought it was cute. Shows me he's thinking and trying to make his prayers different every time :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bad Habits worth breaking....but how?

Our family has gotten into some bad habits lately and I'm not talking about chewing our fingernails here. That one just belongs to me. I'm talking about our night activity. It should involve deep breathing, drooling and a possible snore now and then but it doesn't seem to be that way right now. Todd's allergies have been so bad this year that he is constantly blowing his nose, coughing or some other respiratory activity that is not quiet enough for me to keep my eyes closed. It wouldn't be a problem but Julia still sleeps in our room and it seems to wake her up too. Even though I know she doesn't need it I end up feeding her just to get her to go back to sleep--it's just easier? Lazy I know but easier.
Well, as if that wasn't enough, down he hall where the boys are sleeping only one knows how to stay in his bed. Porter always wakes up crying for mom or needing the hall light on or his primary music has stopped. Last night I turned his music on at 1am and 4am--not my idea of fun!
I remember reading Angie's blogs about not getting enough sleep and thinking how that could be possible? NOW I KNOW! I just get tired of being tired!
So, this blog is a vent as well as a cry for help. Any of you have suggestions besides me moving to the garage in a sleeping bag--because it might just come to that :)
On a good note though, Payton has been staying in his bed without a problem and he's finally getting to the point that he can stay dry at night...FINALLY! Darn those small bladders!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Phone Call

We got a phone call this morning from some telemarketing place but I chose not to answer the phone--I thought it was nicer than total rejection for the person on the other end. Well, although I was avoiding the call Payton was not. He knew it must be someone important. Come to find out later, it was WAY more important than I thought. Here's Payton telling about the phone call...

So the moral of the story is....for any of you who might be avoiding telemarketers like me, DON'T! It could be the prophet (or it could be the profit for the person on the other line).

In other News:

Julia is now 4 months old! She is sooo much fun! I love dancing and singing in the kitchen with her little smiley self! She can't do any "tricks" yet but she likes to rock back and forth while she's laying on ther back. Her roll coach, Aunt Tiff, is helping her and has been successful (twice) with having her roll from her tummy to her back. I'm not in any hurry to get her rolling because I know what eventually becomes of those babies who like to move. I've decided I'm not going to let Julia grow up because I just like her the way she is (We teach our kids to use their imagination so why not set an example. I can imagine having Julia stay little forever if I want to :)

Some of Julia's favorites: Loves to have her clothes off. Loves to have baths or showers. Likes the squeeker on one of her squeeky toys. Loves her Aunt Tiff (at least she always smiles at her). Likes to play peek-a-boo with mom while I'm cooking dinner.