Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy B-day Cheri

Today is my sister Cheri's Birthday. Here's some things that I love about Cheri...

--I remember when I was young she did my hair in ringlets...all of my hair. It took a long time and a lot of hairspray but I loved it. I wanted her to do it again the next day even though she tried to talk me out of it because I had a dentist appointment later that day. Who knows, maybe it was because of that hair do so long ago that made Dr. H think about hiring me and keeping me all these years...(logically it was the hair do because it wasn't due to Trudi or Tiffani working for him before)

--After Cheri got married and moved to Vegas I loved going to her house. One time she even let me bring Brenda (my best friend) with me and we bought Funions (remember those?) and Whatchamacallit's. I loved the children's clothing store she worked at too. I always thought it would be soooo cool to choose from all those dresses to dress my little girl in someday.

--Cheri is a very light packer....That was sarcastic. Everytime they would come to Utah Shane, her hubby, would carry bag after bag into the house. I gotta admit that she was always prepared and very organized but it must take her a long time to get the bathroom sink into those bags.

--Cheri is an AWESOME pianist. She can play anything & everything. I'm sad that I'm not as good as she is because we could have some awesome duets.

--Cheri is so fun to play sports with. She can laugh at herself & it makes it fun for everyone...especially us sister's on girl's weekend :)

--Cheri is a great mom. Who else would pack a 20 lb. boy around the house day after day even if it causes her back problems.

Cheri we love you (not just for your swimming pool) and hope you had a great 29th b-day!!
Oh, Cheri! I thought you'd like to know I met a checker at WalMart the other day who's name was also Cheri and she spelled it the same way...and she said people are always calling her Sherry...sound familiar?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Story Problem

Remember those story problems in school that the teacher swore we would use later in life in "real life situations?" Well, here's one they should teach every girl in school who plans on becoming a mother someday...

There is one mother taking care of six children under the age of five on a rainy Monday. After 7 blankets are unfolded, two pillows are left in a room with no bed, 20 cars are put back into their place for the third time, 24 crayons are left on the table after a coloring session, 10 crayons are taken away from the table and had the paper peeled off them, the garage doors have been opened and closed 5 times, three movies have played, three toilets have been unflushed, one doctor kit has been scattered around the house, one load of clean laundry has been thrown on the tile floor, four boys have wrestled, one game of froggy in the middle played, a 50 piece set of play-doh left out, one recipe box dumped out (so much for being organized), and a two minute argument with a four year old over whether the toilet was really flushed earlier.... (I almost forgot the question) long does it take the mother to get her house back in order and her sanity back??

I think you mothers out there already know the right answer. Mother's in training may have a longer time answering that one!
Just in case you're wondering what my answer was, it just took one dad taking three kids home, one boy and one baby to go to sleep, two boys pitching in to clean up and a chance for this mother to blog about it for things to improve :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Manic Monday Upgrade

Growing up with four other sisters was soooo fun! We all shared the same bathroom in the mornings when we were trying to get ready for school and we were the best at making up dances in the front room. You would think with five girls in the family one of us would have ended up being a dancer....but....NOPE! The closest anyone got was Cheri doing cheer in High School. I don't know if my older sisters thought it was fun or not but every once in a while (if my memory is right it was usually on Sundays) we would find one of our favorite songs and make up a dance to it--choreography and all. "Manic Monday" was one of the most memorable although to this day I don't remember the moves as much as I remember how cool I felt to be doing a dance with all my sisters in the front room TOGETHER!
It's good to know that time can't change us. Tonight we were together because Tiff's oldest boy was baptised and tonight we made up the greatest dance possible while we wrestled with babies and kids. We each got 8 counts worth of music to make up the dance and add to it. That's where the real fun is....making up the dance. We missed our oldest sister, Trudi, being there but added a few extras (three of my nieces) for more of the fun. You should have seen our kick line! We are just sooo amazing and I still don't know how our husbands got so fortunate to have the beautiful and talented dancing wives they have.
Thanks girls for a fun evening and a quick flashback in time. (that makes me think about the movie flashdance--we should rent that and get some moves from it! I'm sure we can still move our feet that fast!!)