Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is it just me?

I took some pictures of Julia last night and they just don't even look like the same baby as last week. Must have been having a "pudgy" day last week--or it could be the way she was sitting.
Anyway, I just thought that when you find something you really love you should share it...and I just love this girl!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally Got One!

Julia has been smiling the past couple weeks but every time I pull out the camera to get a picture she stops and sometimes cries--guess she has a limited time on smiling or something. Anyway today she was grinning at me and I dashed for the camera and lo and behold....I GOT ONE ON FILM (if digital pictures are still considered film). I thought they were so cute and had to share. Her head sure looks fuzzy--but at least she has hair! Guess I should be more consistent in putting a bow on her head...still working on that :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day--Making History

This morning as I was driving the boys to Tiff's on my way to work I was telling Payton about the historic day it was and how we were getting a new President today. He said, "Did President Monson die?" Thought it was totally cute and I tried to explain the whole difference in church and country thing but he's only FIVE! So no, President Monson did not die but maybe he should run for President of the U.S.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just us Girls!

I miss my brothers!! Waaaa!

Todd took the boys ice fishing today so it has been just us girls! I really wanted to go with Todd and the boys but I've had a soar throat the past couple days and now Julia is starting to get a little cough like Porter's so we decided it should just be a boy trip this time. Although I have really enjoyed the peace and quite I'm extremely BORED!! I've cleaned the house (laundry, vacuumed, swept, mopped, dishes....) and I guess I could wash the windows but...well...who washes their windows? I've got my talk prepared for tomorrow but I'm tired of thinking about that. I can only play pacman so many times. I'm just waiting for the noise to return to the house. Who would have thought I would miss them so much!? I'm glad their dad took them for some father son time anyway! They love any time they get to spend with their daddy!!
These might be faces only a mother could love but this mother sure loves 'em!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my mom's birthday. She's ....well...let's see. How old are you mom? She's old enough to be a grandma so there you go!
Here's some great things about my madre...

-She's too honest--while I was growing up she couldn't lie. If someone called and we didn't want to talk to them on the phone she made us go outside so she could tell them we weren't in the house right then.
-She's always been one to find something to cook instead of going out to eat--eating out when I was younger was a luxury. I wish I could eat out of my food storage like she does. Make a meal out of peaches if she had to.
-She loves her kids and grand kids--I think (or I like to think) that is the hardest part of her serving a mission right now. She's learning how to love her hubby more than her kids but all of you who know my dad know that's going to be difficult (no offense dad)
-She's always willing to serve others and doesn't know how to say no--She's always been one to take meals into people who need them, watch people's kids (including her own kids kids) and do whatever she's asked to do.
-She is the best baby rocker I ever knew! She can sit in a rocking chair all day long and rock babies while humming a song. She reminds me of my Grandma Esplin when it comes to her rocking and humming. (that's a good thing, mom!)
-I loved having her as the YW president while I was in YW's--she got the name Shauna-mom because a lot of other yw's moms were serving at the same time. Just saying mom got everyone's attention. Shaunamom just got the mom I wanted.
-She is a speed walker--Anywhere we went with mom we had to have our running shoes on because she had a purpose for going somewhere and that's what we did. WE WENT! I still remember trying to keep up with her while we were in the mall one day.

I love you mom and hope you had a fabulous (even if it's FREEZING there) birthday! We miss you and are soooo looking forward to seeing you in April!

Here's a little birthday message from Payton and Porter. They've been sick so that's the excuse for the way they look--even though they look like this when they're well.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Two months already??

As of yesterday (Sunday) Julia is now two months old. She's made a lot of changes since she was born. She's a rolly polly girl now--OK she came out a bit chubby but she's even chubbier now. She looks around a lot more and if you work hard enough you can get her to smile at you. Her lung capacity has enlarged so her cries are getting longer and louder. She will eat around 10pm and sleep until around 4am (Loving the sleep I'm getting) then eat again and go back to sleep until her brothers wake her up. She is growing back some of the hair she lost soon after she was born so she has a fuzzy head that is fun to rub. She is starting to "talk" and I love her little goo's!
We're so happy Julia is a part of our family!

"Very little is needed to make a happy life"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Our 11foot tree. We've never been able to have one this big before. It got it's own room because there really wasn't another good place for it.

So I missed Christmas, New Years, and Julia's blessing blogs...well the blessing day got posted in pictures. I didn't take many Christmas Day pictures this year. I did take a couple of Julia with her cousin Riley at g-ma Julie's. They're only 4months apart and I hope they'll be good friends.

Julia and Riley Calico
--there really is a size difference here--

Julia ready to go to Grandma's Christmas Day
We did video the boys Christmas morning but that's about all I've got. Here are a couple "day after" pictures with the kids playing with their new toys. Dr. Payton checking out Julia with the new Doctor kit from g-ma Julie

New years was spent at G-ma & G-pa Turek's playing games and eating AWESOME food! Loved the wingers wings/sticky fingers..mmmm. Porter and Julia sharing a moment...
and then not wanting to share the moment with KhloeePorter fell asleep on the couch around 10:45 so we decided to call it a night.Todd had to be up early the next morning anyway. Payton loved playing with his cousins/aunt/uncles in the Bunco game. I called my parents on our way home seeing it was just after 11:00 our time I knew it was after midnight there. To my surprise they were awake and watching a movie. Go figure! A mission does change you!

New Year Day was spent trying to get things ready for Julia's big day that Sunday. Todd did take Payton hunting with him so it was just Porter, Julia and me! We even had lunch at McDonald's. It was nice to have a day with children without the fighting and screaming.

Julia's blessing day was wonderful! Todd did a great job on the blessing and it was fun to have all my family there (except Rick and his family & of course my parents) and Todd's grandparents from Santa Clara, his parents and his brothers and sister. We had lunch in our garage--not the most extravagant but definitely doable--I loved having them all at my house. I laughed because after we were cleaning up when everyone left Todd kept making comments about there being sparkles all over the place. He thought it was from the Christmas tree of something but I reminded him there had been a bunch of teenage girls here that day. I told him it was just a sign of things to come with having a girl. He told me his girl would never wear sparkles! I'll remind him every time she does.
It had been a great past few weeks but I'm glad we're back to everyday life again. Now I've got to get my rump in gear for the 5k my sisters and I are going to be running this year. (Go Fit 5!) Guess it's good it's a new year and that means new goals.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pictures Now...Details later

Julia in her Blessing Dress
Posing with Daddy

at the luncheon--Misti, Todd, Julia, G-ma Julie, G-pa Blair

R.J, Tanner & Luke Wright

Ashley, Ashton & Tayosha
Amie & Tav holding Julia

Cheri, Dalton & Kandice

Brooklyn & Mike

-Troublesome Teens-

A'Lyssa, Tayosha, Ashley & Ashton

Jeff & Trudi

Bailey, Ellie, Jul's, & Payton

Ellie & Julia

Julia, Brooklyn & Emmie

Chubby girl--Julia

Porter and Jul's


Payton, Julia & Mommy at the end of a big day!