Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Cards '08

Dear Friends and Family,
Seeing that we live in the day of age that we do, why waste our money on stamps and cards and pictures when you're just going to be throwing them away. I'm actually saving you all time and money by sending our Christmas card this year in email form. OK I'm actually saving US time and money by sending our cards this way. Anyway...

Todd and I had a fantastic year. We love having our own home--even though the bank really owns it--and we love our little family.

Todd's still working for the BLM doing their GIS (Geographic Information Systems) work. On the side he's boiling skulls (taxidermy stuff) in our garage and back yard. Yes, the neighbor boys think it's awesome and the neighbor girls think it's disgusting. I don't care because it brings in a little extra income. He's serving as an assistant Ward Clerk over the memberships of our ward as well as serving as a primary teacher with me.

I've been switching one day a week with Tiffani so we can work at Dr. Heideman's office one day a week. It's nice to have a break from laundry and cleaning and spend a day at the office with adults. The rest of the time is spent blogging and checking emails. I love the internet! I get to tag team teach with Todd all the CTR 7 boys and girls. I don't think they learn a thing in our class but we have some great coloring sessions!

Payton turned FIVE this year and had his kindergarten shots this month. He's all ready for Kindergarten and can't wait to go next year. In the mean time he enjoys riding his garage sale bike ($10!! What a steal!) playing with the neighborhood kids, kissing his baby sister, and antagonizing his little brother.

Porter is three now and has the cutest little voice. He's excited to be a sunbeam this coming year even though I know he's going to miss all the fun nursery brings. No more snacks or toys??! He loves his baby sister and Todd and I are constantly telling him to get out of her face because he literally smothers her with kisses.

Julia came to our family just six short weeks ago and we are enjoying everything about her...minus the nighttime scene. It's fun to rock and hold a new baby and as I mentioned earlier, her brothers LOVE HER!!

We hope you are all enjoying your Christmas season and know that we love and care about you all. Thanks for all the Christmas cards and letters and for keeping in touch with us (way out here in L.A. -- Verkin) We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Love: Todd, Misti, Payton, Porter & Julia Calico

This picture isn't the greatest but it's the only one we've had taken besides the hospital...enjoy and laugh it up while you can!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tagged by Linzi

1. Link your tagger(Linzi) and list these rules on your blog.

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1. I love having clean dishes--by that I mean I hate dishes in my kitchen sink. As soon as any meal is over I like getting the dishes washed and put in the dish washer. Just makes it easier than scrubbing the food off them later. I think this habit actually formed when we were living in the basement in Washington. If I didn't have the dishes done when I was doing laundry, the sink would fill up with the water draining from the washing machine. I didn't like the thought of eating off of dishes (even though they were clean) that might have dirt from my clothes on them. :)

2. I am such a plain girl. I don't like change much. Ask Kandice--I hardly change the color or style of my hair very often...and when I do it takes some time for me to like it. The only change I adjust well to is having the change ($) in my pocket!

3. I can't make decisions. I have a "white" personality and I'm a much better follower than I am a leader. The bad thing about this is that Todd is the same way so most of our decisions aren't made until the last minute. I think my sisters are a lot alike me in that way too. When we all get together no one really takes charge and says, "This is what we're going to do".

4. I was not thrilled about having a baby girl. I have of course changed my mind now but when we first found out she was a girl I wasn't that excited. I hope she forgives me later--especially since I totally love having her now!! (I love you Julia!)

5. I love baking (sweets/cookies/candies/breads). I don't like making dinner but I like making things to snack on. Funny thing with cooking is I have to have all the dishes done before I start (see fact #1) and then I bake things. That just means I have dishes to do after I'm done but It's harder to start my thrill of baking if there are dirty dishes that need to be done first.

6. I am an Internet junky! I can't seem to go one day without getting online--to check blogs, email, pay bills, check bank balances etc. I don't know what I'll do when there's not power or Internet for me.

7. Since we moved and we decided to do without cable I have become a reader. Thank goodness my MIL provides me with great books or titles to read. She's always got something good for me to read. I'm in the middle of the third book of the Sarah Agnes Prine saga. (Gotta admit the first one is still my favorite--never can resist a good love story!)

now I guess I need to tag seven awesome people I want to hear some good dirt on (or be reminded of) so I tag Kandice, Tiffani, Cheri, Trudi, Tav 'n Amie, Tara 'n Riley & Rachel (I would have tagged you Brenda, Angie, Ruth & Linzi but you had already been tagged--and Rayn & Sierra why not consider yourself tagged although I'd be breaking the rules because that would be #8 & 9...but you're worth breaking the rules for!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Man alive, Payton is FIVE!

Holding money from Nana & g-ma & g-pa Reidhead
Payton celebrated his FIVE YEAR BIRTHDAY on Monday. He actually got to start his celebration Sunday night at G-ma Julie's. He opened presents from Nana Shirley, g-ma & g-pa Reidhead, g-pa Blair &g-ma Julie, and some new shoes and pj's from our family.
Opening presents--got a new outfit, a big activity book, new pj's and new shoes
Then we sang happy birthday and had a totally awesome birthday cake that grandma Julie made!
Porter needed a turn, too
Then on Monday morning Payton woke up to a white world. I asked him what he wanted for breakfast (and made the mistake of saying he could choose anything he wanted) and he chose to have birthday cake! I talked him into eating some Cinnamon Toast Crunch before the cake. After the cereal he changed his mind and decided he didn't want cake. Porter ate it for him...just like a good brother should do. After breakfast and opening a few presents and cards Payton and Porter played in the snow.That night Payton wanted to go bowling so we invited his cousins to go to Hurricane Family Fun Center (formally known as Brentwood Bowl). It was great!! We had the whole place to ourselves. The kids bowled on the bumper lane and the adults tried to beat them on a regular lane.
You might not be able to see the ball but it barely missed this last pin standing. SO CLOSE TO A SPARE!
Emmie loved this! She clapped for herself every time!!
Tanner has such form!
Luke watching his bowling efforts
We ended the night in a fabulous snow ball fight! After the kids were cold and the baby had enough of being in the car waitinf for the snow ball throwers to be done we called it a night. It was a fun way to spend a birthday and I hope Payton remembers what he did when he turned five! We love you Tater Bug!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

15 days before Christmas

Todd brought home a suprise for our family after work. This is our early Christmas present from our parents. Thanks mom and dad and Julie & Blair!! WE LOVE IT!!

Here's a picture of Julia and a reason why I'm not too fond of the HUGE bows and flowers little girls have put on their heads. Makes it harder to see when they slip off :)

Now you see me...

Now you don't!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just some fun photo's

There's really nothing to blog about today but i wanted to post some pictures I thought were "Blog Worthy".

Julia with Daddy...having a rest

First off, today is Julia's 4 week mark. I guess I can't say she's a month old until Thursday (the 11th) but I know where I was four weeks ago from today.

She's a good baby, but she is a baby and has her moments too.

The other day I couldn't help Payton butter some bread so he decided he was big enough to do it himself. It was slightly frustrating to be nursing the baby in the other room and hear him saying, "I can't get the butter to stay!" because he had put the jam on first. He was pretty proud of himself and now he does it himself every time. Looks yummy, huh?

The last thing I'm posting is a suprise.
What do you think is in this box?
If you look at the "handling instructions" closely you might guess it was chicken.
Look closely!.... It's....
He's still so tiny he can fit in here. When I showed Payton and his friend "the suprise" they weren't as thrilled as Porter and I. They were expecting something really cool because I had talked it up so much. I still think Porter is a really cool suprise!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

To Tree or Not To Tree...What was the question?

Family picture by our 2008 tree

Funny, the things you find out now matter how well you think you know someone. Todd and I have been married for 7 years and I just found out this year that he doesn't enjoy one of our family traditions of cutting down a Christmas Tree. I was seriously shocked when he told me because I thought it was a good chance to get out of the house and get out in the wilderness.

Well, this year was different because we didn't have anything happen to us that made someone else have to cut a tree down for us and we didn't have any other family or friends to go with in years past. This turned out to be a blessing because Todd said this morning that he actually had a really fun day getting the tree. Suprised me even more than when he told me he didn't enjoy the tradition in the first place. I guess it's safe to say the tradition will not be broken...this year anyway!

The boys kept seeing little patches of snow (that were actually ice because it was so old and crunchy) that they wanted to play in. It wasn't until after we had our picnic that they really got to play.

The boys enjoying some lunch

Todd had hiked the steep hill of ice to find a few good trees and then we ate lunch. After lunch we had to choose our tree. Todd did a good job of choosing this year if I say so myself.

Payton and Porter playing in the snow

The boys loved the snow and still played in it when they got their fingers wet and they were cold. After the tree came down (TIMBER!) we decided it was alright to drive with the tree in the truck because we looked like we belonged in La Verkin. Who cares if the tree didn't fit in the little truck. Neither did the family riding in the cab. (Someday we'll have to get a new vehicle but gotta get a bit of $ for that day.)

We came home, put up the tree and then Todd put the lights outside our house. We've never had this large of a tree before so I ran out of lights. We've never had a house we wanted to decorate the outside with lights so we ran out of lights there too. Just a couple more strands, a few tree decorations and we're ready for Christmas.

It was a fun day to spend with the family! AND I love our tree!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008--Too many memories

I was they only one in this Calico bunch that was enjoying the lights and atmosphere at Temple Square

Family photo at Temple Square--Believe me, this is a good picture

Porter and Emmie take a nap on the way to Temple Square

A few of the kids ready for the Nature hike

Bradley leading all the cousins on a rope for a Nature Hike

Instead of writing a novel about Thanksgiving this year I'll just give a few "highlights" if that's what you would call them
1. Had to talk Todd into going to Layton -- where my brother lives-- for thanksgiving this year.

2. Payton had to ride with Luke instead of with his boring family

3. Had to stop in Cedar (yes, Cedar which is soooo far away from La Verkin) for a potty stop that ended in changing a pair of Payton's clothes.

4. Had to make another potty stop for my boys to pee on the side of the road.

5. Got buckled back into our seats to find out Payton needed to do more than pee. Because he didn't want to poo on the side of the road he said he would hold it.

6. Made it to Payson to eat dinner at Wendy's and use the restroom. Payton was the first one in the bathroom and the last one out because of another accident. Todd got to help him clean up while I waited outside the mens room listening to comments from other bathroom patrons. My favorite was a father & his son. When they came out the boy had a scrunched up face and was telling his dad how discusting it was in there. Wish it wasn't my son, but I have to take the blame for the accident. Payton's new pants are not kid friendly and hard to button and unbutton.

7. While Todd was cleaning up Payton in the men's room I took Julia to the ladies room because she had a blow out.

8. Finally made it to Layton to find Porter had peed his pants too.

9. Rick had a friend who was going to be out of town for the weekend and offered her house for his family to use. No one was going to use it but because of my hubby's great attitude we ended up using it for our family. The kids and I were both thrilled when we had to leave the party at 11pm to go to a strangers house for the night. (that was VERY sarcastic)

10. All the big boys went and played football with a crew from Rick's ward at the park...everyone's husband but mine went although I had told him to bring clothes so he could play. He went for a walk with Porter instead.

11. Had a fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner--Thanks Katherine! (That was NOT sarcastic at all)

12. Digested our food, played ping pong and made our shopping lists for BLACK FRIDAY's extravaganza.

13. Woke up to Kandice's call (at my request) at 4 am to let me know they were headed to Wal Mart. She volunteered to get my items for me...I took the offer. I definitly got more sleep than my sisters even though I'm nursing Julia. I knew babies didn't like their moms to have a lot of chocolate but I didn't realize that Pepsi applied the same way. Lesson learned.

14. Played more ping pong, cleaned up breakfast, hung around waiting for my sisters to wake up and tell their stories about the shopping trip. This is the first year that I know of that Rick didn't go.

15. Hung out with family while the husbands took a trip out to Antelope Island. They dind't want to take any of their children. How does that work?

16. Traveled to Salt Lake to get on the "train" to see the lights at Temple Square. This tested our marriage because the tram was so crowded with people and Todd didn't think it was a good idea to go--he's a fan of large crowds if you didn't know.

17. Looked at the lights and managed to get a swell picture at Temple Square. It looks better than everyone in the group was actually feeling.

18. Ate at Chuck-a-Rama where the boys loved their french fries and fry sauce.

19. Went to bed Friday night looking forward to the ride home the next day.

20. Stopped at Cabella's on the way home to see all the neat animals and fish. It only took us about 7-8 hours to get home with all the stops we had to make...but the important thing was that we made it and Todd and I are still happily married.

Thanks, Rick, for letting us invade your family life so we could make some memories. Just finding "Joy in the Journey" was a bit tough for this trip but it was sure a journey.