Monday, March 28, 2011

Cold Sore??

Yesterday Julia said she had an "ouchie" by her lip and she needed a band-aid. I was trying to get breakfast ready so it was just easier to hand her the bandaid and continue on with what I was doing. I took a picture of her bandaged mouth with Todd' camera so I'll post it when I get it uploaded. After she took the band-aid off, Todd noticed her "ouchie" was actually a cold sore. WHAT?? My 2 year old have a cold sore?? I didn't have problems with cold sores until I was in college. She doesn't seem to care about it now but I'm sure it will be an issue when she gets older. Dang herpes virus!
{All she needs is a Popsicle to make her happy}

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wrestling Season 2011

It's the end of another wrestling season for the Calico boys....Yes, BOYS. Porter didn't wrestle all year long until the very last week of wrestling. Then he decided he wanted to do it. He informed me we needed to buy him a shirt and some shoes. Of course that didn't happen...but it didn't stop him from trying.
Payton ended his 2011 season with three gold medals (well, he really has four but one was from the Hurricane Tournament where he had to wrestle 2nd graders...some that were almost 15 lbs. heavier so his coach told him he would give him a gold if he lost.)
Payton wrestled at 78-80 lbs. throughout the year. He was the biggest/heaviest first grader with the exception of the Hurricane tournament where he was one of the lightest against the 2nd graders. He got to practice with the older kids which really helped him this year. We were able to go to the Parowan, Canyon View, Hurricane and Enterprise tournaments this year. His dad even broke down and bought him some shoes...which helped him gain some confidence...until he had to wrestle in them.
Porter did really well in his first and only tournament in Enterprise bringing him a silver medal. He was fun to watch and I guess we really have to give credit to those warm-ups at practice that he participated in every time. I'm sure that's what gave him the stamina to wrestle in the ONE tournament!

I'm so proud of both my boys and for their dad taking the time to teach them some things. It was a fun season while it lasted.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a baby....

We had our first "real" ultrasound today so we could put my mind at ease that, NO! We are NOT having twins...regardless of how large I feel, AND to see if we were having a girl or boy. Porter was the only one who really wanted a boy. The rest of us thought it would be a girl. I said girl just so I knew we could really look at being done. If it's a boy I will have to try to talk Todd {and myself} into having another one because Julia needs a sister! I LOVE my sisters and can't imagine my little girl not getting to grow up with one.
Well, the results were slightly inconclusive. The darn kid kept it's foot right where we needed a good peek. Hmm.. Modesty? Must come from Todd's side of the family?
Payton was cute when he was telling g-ma Turek that "the Dr. couldn't see very well because the baby's foot was covering it's face." I tried to help him understand what part of the baby the doctor was really looking for by asking, "How can we tell that boys and girls are different?" He said, "Their eyelashes. Girls are really long and boys are short." I wish that was always the case. Try again. G-ma Turek says, "What does Julia have different on her body that you have?" AHA! That did it! I'm so good at teaching my children sex education.
Well, we will have to wait until next month to make a final determination of the sex of this baby. As of right now, chances are looking at it being a boy--however, there wasn't a clear enough shot of the area needed to make it totally affirmative!
Here's some pictures from today. Todd said he thinks it's a boy because, "it looks like a boy in the pictures." Julia kept saying, "It's a monster." I'm kinda with Jul's on that one. Girl, Boy, or Monster? Doesn't matter at this point but we have a healthy one!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Set Back

My mom was supposed to know by now what treatments to be expecting after her surgery. Monday (last monday, the 28th) my mom woke up to a bloody incision. My dad packed her with gauze and then headed to his shift at the temple. When he returned around noon she was still bleeding and had called and made an appt. with her doctor. They took her into surgery as soon as they could to see if they could find what might be causing the bleeding. They removed a blood clot, letting them know it had bleeding since the surgery a week before but couldn't really tell why else she was having problems.
They kept her over night to try and solve the problem. Her test results wouldn't be back until the next day so they wouldn't know if she had some kind of infection until then but they put her on an IV antibiotic and kept her over night. She was supposed to come home Tuesday but they were still unsure of what was they kept her. Wednesday they found she had staff infection but it was the "good kind" --if there's such a thing?-- and had her on antibiotics all day Wednesday. I had to work that day so I called her on my lunch to see how she was doing. I've never heard her so depressed. She was just tired of being in the hospital because she felt so good. She even told me to bring her some laundry so she had something to do.  I told her I would come see her after work to visit and told her to ask the nurses for some tape to tape her mouth into a smile so she could smile even when she didn't feel like smiling.
It was fun to visit with her and I think she was willing to do one more night in the hospital...even though she really didn't feel like being there. She was told that 12 laps around the hospital floor was equivalent to one mile so she walked 24 laps that day just to show everyone how good she really felt!
She finally got to come home on Thursday and she hasn't had the chance to slow down too much since then. All our family was in town Saturday and Sunday because my nephew was receiving his endowment in the St. George Temple getting ready to serve a mission and then Tiffani blessed her baby on Sunday. It's been a full weekend of fun and I'm glad that although my mom had the hospital visit that everything turned out for the best and she's feeling much better (actually she never FELT bad. Just bad things happened to her.)