Thursday, September 23, 2010

So Much Potential

This is a quick one but well the worth the time to sign into my account and blog about it. First is Julia singing a song she picked up from Ella Enchanted (which we rented from the library so she only had a weeks worth--or less-- of learning this song). I guess she had longer because we've all been singing it around the house and she'll sing at the dinner table sometimes.

Next off is Porter sporting his new jeans from G-ma Julie and a new shirt from his GG-ma Wittwere. This outfit had so much potential...just maybe not all together--and without the boots?? (or maybe tuck his boots inside his pants instead of vice versa?)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Porter Turned FIVE!

Porter's b-day invites for the family party
We celebrated Porter's fifth birthday on Friday. He got two parties this year. One with friends {a first for Porter} and one with his family. I decided to hurry and get the pictures on a scrap page before I got lazy so I think the pictures tell how his day went. We're so happy to have Porter part of our family! Here's FIVE of my favorite things about Porter:
1. He's so loving and sweet to his little sister; in the mornings he will say, "Good morning, Sweetheart" in a high pitched voice that I just smile at.
2. He's my social boy; it's all about the friends to him. He looks forward to getting up each morning so he can go play with friends! {one quick story. One night it was time to come in. I yelled for Porter up the street and he didn't come--even though I knew he had heard me. I finally walked up the street to get him and told him he was grounded for the rest of the night from friends because he didn't listen to me. He cried and cried begging me not to ground him. Little did he know he couldn't have gone out to play anyway.}
3. He loves to "dress up". It's not in girly things of course but he loves dressing up as a cowboy or a  superhero.
4. He will do anything that his best friend (or cousin) is doing. This might mean he can't decide on his own or just that he loves those other people so much he wants to be like them. Whatever they're wearing that day, eating, drinking....he has to ask what they're having first and then he'll decide {usually the same thing}.
5. He talks big about his dad's boy but deep down he's a momma's boy. He always talks about hunting and fishing with his dad but when it's time to go he'd rather stay with mom {most of the time dad likes that because he gets to tired or cold when they're out together}. Of course he may only be staying to play with friends but I'm going to take it that he'd rather be with me!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Time Like the Present

I keep thinking I will post about things...and then I never do. It's just so much easier to read about other people than it is to write about my own family. So here's what's happened lately...
Payton crashed on his bike: It was his mom's fault because she had tightened the front tire with her fingers thinking it would do the trick. NOPE! He went for a bike ride with the neigbors and did a "pop-a-wheelie" and his front tire came off. Where did Payton land? On his face, of course. He got a little bruised and his mom learned to use a tool other than her hands to fix things like that.

Payton loses a front tooth: It had been loose before the bike incident but I'm sure the face plant helped to loosen things up a bit more. His dad pulled it out Monday morning before school. Of course he was so excited about it he had to take it to school to show it off. The tooth fairy didn't show up that night because the tooth had been left in Payton's desk at school. Funny thing is his permanent tooth is already growing in and the other front tooth is barely loose. He'll look great for fall pictures.
Kelsie, Payton and Porter-ready to ride!
Turek Family Reunion: This was held over Labor Day Weekend. It got Tiff and I out of doing the Peach Days Volleyball Tourny this year. It was fun to be in the mountains and even more fun to let the kids wander and play together. They're favorites this year; 4-wheelers and the Mammoth Caves.

I have mixed emotions about the caves because we had an "incident" this year that makes me "Mother of the Year" in my book. (that was me trying to be facetious) Porter got left at the caves--on accident. I knew everyone was out of the caves and we even did a head count so I knew my kids were ready to go back to camp. When it was dinner time, we couldn't find Porter. No one had played with him. No one had seen him recently. The only place left to look was the caves. Luckily we were only a couple minutes away from the caves and a VERY nice and PATIENT family had found him and were waiting when Tiff and I flew up on the 4 wheeler. It was an emotional reunion and one that I won't forget. I kept a little better tabs on him the rest of the weekend.
Julia's finger got smashed in a big heavy door but it's turning into a tradition for her to have a hurt finger at the reunion. She sure looked like a beauty though when Aunt Kandice pulled out the "kids makeup" (that doesn't come off too easily by the way) for the girls. The boys even got in on it calling it war paint. Julia looked like she belonged on the strip in Vegas.
Kolob Retreat: This last weekend Todd took our family to Kolob to stay in one of his friends cabins. He hunted that night with Payton and early the next morning by himself. It was just nice to hang out with the kids, read my book, watch movies and then we rode the rhino almost all day Saturday. It's so pretty up there! It was fun to spend the weekend with my family!
Porter's B-day: He's going to be five this year and I'm so excited for his party (ok-so his present). I love when there's something we can get him that doesn't cost a fortune but that he will just LOVE! What is this gift? Well, you'll just have to wait until I post about the b-day. Here's a hint.... It is a SUPER HERO themed party (ok so he actually gets two parties. One with his friends {boys only he says!} and the other is with family).
Well, there you have it. More procrastinating novels yet to come!