Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 24th Celebration

Catching Night Crawlers w/ Kory
Julia after her race
Payton shooting a bow at one of the booths

Porter racing!

We spent the 24th up in Hatch or if you ask my kids, "The Hatch House". It was fun to spend Pioneer Day in a small community. We went up Friday and spent the night there with Tiff's family. They loved catching night crawlers so we could fish with them the next day. Next time we will make sure there are more flash lights for everyone. The next morning we got up, had a great breakfast and caught the parade! Then there were races and games to be played at the park. My kids loved playing the games and winning prizes. After the parade and park we went fishing at Tropic Reservoir. We caught lots of fish but nothing worth bragging about. If you ask Todd, I went along so I could read. I had to finish the second book of the Hunger Games, Catching Fire {those of you who have read them understand}. We fished until we got rained/poured out of the place.
Tanner, Luke and Payton--oh, and that little fish
After fishing, we came home, cleaned up the house and hit the road for home. It was a quick trip but I think everyone had fun.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Feeling Productive

Last night Todd came home from one of his priesthood meetings and talked to me about how technology is not all that great for kids to have. They learned that missionaries (100's of them) are being sent home from their missions because they can't be "unplugged" from the internet and technology. Texting, emails, internet, facebook, get the idea. We have a son with the same problem--although I tend to refuse to see it as a problem. Payton loves the internet and loves playing games. We don't have a nintendo, wii, playstation....NOTHING! so I thought the computer was a fine way for him to get into the gaming scene. I don't even allow them to play games where they are killing other people (aliens? fine! People? NOPE!) We don't have cable so we are only able to watch movies. I thought we were doing pretty good as a family. Apparently, I'm not doing good enough.
I know plenty of kids that have cell phones {of their own} and are constantly texting {yes, it drives me nuts but I thought maybe it's because they're faster than me so I was jealous?}. Todd and I have decided that our kids will not have their own phones until they are able to buy one for themselves. I talked Todd into getting a "family phone" for when they are old enough to go out with friends and might need a ride somewhere, but he helped me see the wisdom in not allowing it to have texts because of the picture texts that kids are sending now a days. It got me to thinking about my family and all the ways I should be planning to protect my family from all the crap that is out there...{yes mom, I said CRAP! because that's what it is}
Todd also told me we should be not just be reading the scriptures but studying them every day. He asked me how many books I have read in the last month {I have been on a reading spree lately}. After counting them up I figured I had read 9 in the last 2 months. Then he asked how many times I had picked up my scriptures. Talk about putting me in my place.
So what does this have to with "feeling productive"? This morning, while the kids were still sleeping, I opened my scriptures and read...Which in turn made me want to go to the temple this week. Then I got laundry started, beds stripped, journal written in (it had only been since MARCH! AAAHHH!! I used to try writing once a month) garden harvested and sprayed from those nasty squash bugs, kitchen cleaned and one load of laundry folded and put away {that's usually the worst part of laundry for me...folding and putting away}. Not every day is like this but it's good to know if I put first things first, there can be time to get everything done that needs to be.