Saturday, September 26, 2009

Passing Time

The boys are out hunting (yes! All THREE!!), Jul's is asleep and I'm waiting until it's time to head to my mom's and watch the Women's Broadcast with my sisters so this is what I've been doing to kill a little time. Kind of addicting once you get started. Too many possibilities but I'm really loving the digital scrapbooks vs the other way. Easier to clean up all the paper and pull it back out again. Just not sure what it's going to be like once I start printing pages....$$?? I'll just have fun for now.
Our Red Cliff's Trip (way overdue--back in July)

The County Fair...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Porter!

Porter is four today! It wasn't that long ago we brought him home from the hospital to that dark basement in Washington where he lived his first couple years of life. He's lived in three different homes since he was born-that's a bit crazy to think about. We celebrated at G-ma Julie's Sunday and today we're going to the rodeo (Thank goodness it's kids night so they get in free).
Things I love about Porter..
{He's full of energy! I love hearing his little feet run up and down the halls when he's going somewhere}
{He's my candy boy. Sweets and snacks are definitely his go-to's for "food"}
{He's my "little boy". He's built so different from his brother and I love that we have to safety pin his pants/shorts/swimsuits if they don't quite fit}
{I love his laugh/giggle}
{He LOVES his baby sister}
{He's my social kid and is always asking if he can "go play with friends"}
{He loves movies, books, playing with trucks and his friends}
{He loves sleeping with flashlights}
{He's his Dad's Bud!}
{He says the best blessings on the food--short and to the point}
{I love to hear him sing--my favorite is the country song that sings, "Joey, I'm so sorry"}
Happy Birthday Porter!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baby Steps

Jul's took her first steps the night of Monday, September 7th. Talk about laboring on Labor Day! We had been gone all weekend to a family reunion (which I didn't take the camera so I'm counting on other family members to make posts so I can "steal" their photo's) and after we were all showered and cleaned up she decided to give it a try. She took about three steps, then she fell down. She's a cute little stepper but she can't go too far...yet. I can't believe she's this big already!! I had to post a couple videos just because it's been a while. I love my little ten month old baby girl!

Upcoming events: Porter turns 4 on Thursday. Just cuz you can wear 2T and 3T clothes doesn't mean you can't turn four!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SEP Week

Payton with his "pet" horny toad, Rocky
-he's no longer a pet and was returned to the wild-

So this week is SEP week--although i can't remember what SEP stands for. Payton is out of school all week because of the great Kindergarten testing that is being done. Monday morning Payton woke up, got dressed and came in ready for school. When I told him he didn't have school that morning he started to cry...YES, CRY! He really wanted to go to school. Todd said, "Write this down for something to remember. When he gets older, this will never happen!"

Well, Tuesday he got to meet with his teacher and show off his stuff. In true Payton style he answered every question! It was funny because I was listening to the little girl being tested just before him and if she didn't know the answer, she just said, "I don't know." Not Payton. He had to answer EVERY QUESTION even if it was wrong. I think he gets that from Grandpa Turek. Always have an answer for everything.

His teacher told me how well he was doing in school and shared a story about how he shows interest in one little boy that has some "challenges" that requires help from an aid in the classroom. Payton really likes this little boy and has told me a number of times about Eann, his friend.

This morning we all got up because I had to work. Payton came in again with his school clothes, shoes and back pack and said, "I'm ready for school!" I just looked at him and smiled thinking how great it is he loves school. Then I broke the news to him again. Same reaction. More tears. Can't wait for Tuesday to roll around so we can get this boy back to school. At least we'll have something to do this weekend to occupy they boy. It's the Wynn Turek Reunion on Cedar Mountain!! Yippeee!!!