Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Todd!

Today is Todd's b-day and it wouldn't be right to wish my sister's a happy one and not my own hubby! What a great husband and father he is. I think this picture of Payton watching his dad says a lot. My boys love their daddy and little Jul's is right there with them. He's such a hard worker and he can play pretty hard too. I just like that the boys are getting old enough to "play" with their dad now and can leave the girls to do their thing.
A few things I love about Todd:
He's always worthy to give any kind of blessing. I love knowing the priesthood is ready and willing to be used in our home
He's non-judgemental. That's one of my biggest weaknesses so we compliment each other!
He's always ready to get outside and "do something". He hates sitting in the house doing "nothing".
He's a hard worker. I love watching him build things. My favorite was watching him build our home.
He's better at cleaning the house than I am. (that can be a little frustrating because he cleans things I don't get to--making me feel guilty...but I'm learning to let him clean without hurting my feelings).
He's a great dad and husband. It took us a few years, and I guess we're still learning, but our communication is getting better, making our marriage better.
Happy Birthday Todd! I love you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School is oh so Cool!

we rode our bikes to school for the first day

Back to School night duds...

making pizza with morgan the night before school started
Payton is officially a Kindergarten boy! Last night was back to school night and he wanted to wear his new school clothes and shoes...even though it wasn't any longer than an hour worth of wear. He's so ready for Kindergarten and as I dropped him off today I know he's going to be such a good student. I don't know his teacher very well..ok so not at all...but I think he'll do great in school. This morning when I woke up I thought he was still sound asleep. As I was in my closet getting my shirt on he walks in with his new clothes and his back pack on...ready for school! Here's a couple things I want to remember before he's too old I can't remember:
-Things he could do before Kindergarten-
..write his name
..ride his bike
..tie his shoes by himself
..loves to comb his own hair
..can trace around objects with his crayon
..loves to cut things out
..projects involving glue...NO PROBLEM! HE'S INVOLVED.
I didn't think I would get emotional at all with him going to school because I was so ready for him to go but as I gave him a hug goodbye so he could line up with his class I got a bit choked up thinking he's so big and can do great things without me. I'm attributing the emotion to my excitement for him. I can't wait to pick him up today and find out all the great things he'll get to do this year in school!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Experiences....One Day

Today I got to experience back to school shopping as a parent. Payton is so excited to go to Kindergarten this year (and so is his mom). We went with Tiffani and her two boys to get a few school clothes for the big new school year. Payton was ok to shop with....if you don't look at him dancing around to every kind of music the store is playing, trying on a new hat at every store thinking his mom is going to buy it at the check out stand, and I think he thought I was going to cave on the goulashes he tried on at every store. Other than that, we had a great time! I'm really going to have to ask the Children's Place if they have a copy of their music because it really got Payton moving to the beat! I was so glad my mom was willing to keep the other two kids so I could have this time with Payton. Todd won't like how much I spent but I figure that's part of going back to school...and it's "just money", right?
After a full day of shopping we came home and brought my niece Morgan with us. She's staying in Utah for a week to have a break from her mom in least that's what I tell Morgan. It was after we got home that I got a lesson in "tough love". I've never felt sooo bad for punishing one of my kids as I did tonight.
Just a bit of background; we decided to go for a bike ride/walk to some bike jumps a few blocks away. Payton decided he could just take off before we were all ready to go. STRIKE ONE. Then when he was heading back to find us I yelled at him to come over by me so i could talk to him. I knew he could hear me but he just turned around went back the way he had come. STRIKE TWO! Then when we got home I asked him to finish his dinner before he had any cake g-ma Turek had shared with us earlier that day. He decided he knew better and deliberately chose to eat the cake right in front of me. STRIKE THREE!! That should mean he's out, right? Well, I gave him one more chance to prove himself--which was a mistake. He wanted some apple juice (this is the worst part because it was over something so dumb). I told him he had enough and could have some water instead. Did he listen?? NOPE! I heard the fridge open and told him NO AGAIN. That's when he broke down crying and I sent him to his room. He had to open and slam the door about three times to let me know he was ticked off. I gave him five minutes to get in and out of the shower and then it was bed time for him. The other kids got to stay up and watch a movie. (Yeah for Swiss Family Robinson!)
That was the hardest thing I have had to do to Payton. He Love LOVE LOVES movies and to ban him from watching a movie with the rest of the kids was TORTURE--not just for Payton. I want him to spend time with his cousins and I love to see him happy but I'm tired of being walked all over by him. He assured me he would listen to me know if I would just let him watch the movie. I laid by him in bed thinking to myself, "I wonder how many times Heavenly Father feels this way? He really wants to reward us but once he's laid out the consequence he can't really change his mind, right? That's what makes him such a great Father. But it's got to be really hard to see his son's and daughter's so sad because they can't have what they really want because of choices they have made earlier."
Needless to say I cried with him while we were in his bed tonight. It's hard to see one of my kids really unhappy because of something I had to take away from him. I just hope it makes a difference in future choices. I'm not likely to forget it soon and I hope neither is Payton. (Bet you weren't expecting that novel, eh? Welcome to my REAL journal entries)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ward Campout

One of the only pictures I have of Todd and I together. This could be among the last photo's you see of Todd with his four eyes. He's getting a MAJOR BIG Christmas and B-day present this year!
This last weekend our ward had their FIRST annual ward campout. Our family didn't spend the night but we went up for dinner Friday and enjoyed the program and fresh air that Kolob can provide! I just wanted to post some pictures and this awesome "Rayn Dance" video that the Primary provided for entertainment (and it was entertaining!) Payton loves to dance but his style is usually more of a break dance style. This hip hop routine was a bit much for him but I'm so glad he at least tried!