Thursday, December 8, 2016

Parent's and Pastries

I had to get this written before I forget about it...
When our PTA did our "Parent's and Pastries" activity at the school I had volunteered to help with things. This was a before school event so that meant we were all up and ready much, much earlier than normal. Because I was volunteering, it also meant that my kids were just roaming around instead of reading a book with me while they ate their muffins and milk. 
After a while I told Jess to go outside and play on the playground because she never gets to do that before school. Yes, we're ALWAYS late. After the first bell rang we started cleaning things up. Jess came running into the cafeteria in a frenzy and all out of breath! I said, "Get to class! That's the bell!" She said, "That's why I came here because I didn't know what that meant!" Oi! My child is never on time to even know what the first bell sounds like, or what she should do when she hears it! Chalk it up to another fantastic parent moment for me.