Monday, March 16, 2015

Mom Helper

Once a month I get to help in Julia's kindergarten class. I didn't go last month because of SEP's so it seemed like it's been a while since I last helped. Today I had a couple conversations with kids that made me really appreciate kindergarten teachers. They get to hear all kinds of things from kids from all kinds of back grounds. This is just a sampling of what they get every day, I'm sure.

One little girl saw my wedding ring and said,
"Oh! Are you married?"
"Yes! I am!"
"Oh. My mom's not married. She just has babies. But, she's not married."
My reponse..."Well, maybe someday?"

The next little girl told me about one of her mom's good friends and how he got arrested last week and so and so has to come over because now so and so is arrested and in jail. Hmmm.. Sounds fun.

I guess I'm ok with living the simple life of being married to one man, the same one who helps with our four kids and one dog, and hearing about the rest of the world through the mouths of cute kindergarten kids. I Love being a Mom Helper! It does make me wonder what fun facts Julia's teacher knows about our family?


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