Friday, July 13, 2012

Porter's First Lost Tooth

It shouldn't take me so long to get updated, but for some reason it does. Porter lost his first tooth last month and it seems like it's taken me all day (or at least all afternoon with a few interruptions) to get a page for his book done. When I get so far behind on the kids pages it makes me not even want to get started again.

Porter's almost seven (at least he will be in September) so he's a little late for losing his first tooth. The worst part of it is that the baby tooth just next to it will probably never get loose--unless he bumps it really good. There is no permanent tooth underneath it. I guess we'll be looking at an implant down the road at some point. bummer. I know. It's fun to see him growing up though.
Todd's been gone on a fire for three days and I haven't heard from him since he left so this was a great way to pass the afternoon.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I like to Move it Move it

It came time to say goodbye to Fox Cove and hello to a new home for this Calico Family. We moved {almost} everything on June 28 and spent our first night in our new home that night. Saturday I went back to our Fox Cove home (aka 'the Bowling Alley' because of the long stretch/hallway into the kitchen) to clean. My sisters, Kandice and Tiffani, came along to help. It made the job go sooo much faster. Of course it helped not having the kids there as well. My parents helped out a ton with the kids during the move/cleaning of both houses. It feels so good to finally call someplace home and really mean it. It was hard for me to be living in 'limbo' while we were searching for the right house for us. I'm so excited to begin this next chapter in our lives.
The kids will be able to ride their bikes or walk to school again because we're only 2 blocks away from their elementary school. I'm not going to miss trying to catch their bus that shipped them all the way out into Washington Fields for school. I don't know what we'll do with that extra time not spent on the bus, but I'm sure we can think of something.
So far this is a really quiet neighborhood. We attended our new ward yesterday and I'm so excited for the new people I'm already meeting. Porter is ready to go meet and greet all the new neighbors...again. I wish there had been someone in his primary class that really peeked his interest because that would have solved his desire to meet new people. I hope that means he's going to make a great missionary someday!
This house is great for us because it's got more space for all of us along with a fenced in back yard.
We currently have a hole in the back yard while we patiently wait for a trampoline to fill it with. With a new house comes a 'to do' list, which I'm trying to figure out some kind of coverings for some of the windows. No one can see in during the day but EVERYONE can see in during the night. Maybe when I get ambitious and do some of those Pinterest ideas we won't show everyone so much of our night time life.