Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Conversation with the 3 year Old

The girls and I were heading back from Hurricane from a "Lin's Shopping" trip. Julia was asking me about the Holy Ghost. This is the conversation that took place:
J: Mom, who is the Holy Ghost?
M: He helps us make good choices. He is one of Heavenly Father's helpers.
J: Like me?
M: Yup! Like you, but he doesn't have a body like you.
J: He doesn't have a body?
M: No-not like you. He's a spirit.
J: But can he do back flips?
M: ....ummm....I'm sure he does back flips every time you make a good choice!
J: Can he do back flips off that mountain?
M: Sure! (trying not to laugh too much now)
J: Can he sing songs?
M: He love to hear YOU sing songs!
... and then she busts into some song she's learned in primary about the Holy Ghost...or at least parts of the song. The rest she threw in on her own doing. We love knowing about the Holy Ghost. I'm sure this will not be the last conversation we have but I wanted to write this one down because it was of the first I've had with my cute, sassy, strong headed, independent, head standing three year old girl.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break 2012 Novel

It didn't feel like there was a dull moment for our Spring Break this year. It started Friday as soon as the kids got out of school. Todd had been called out on a fire in Pheonix and was supposed to be gone until Monday or Tuesday. Aunt Tiff called and invited us to go to the Washington City Rec Center for a fun night of swimming. How could we resist when G-pa & G-ma were providing the punch pass? After our swim we went back to G-pa & G-ma's for a spaghetti dinner and then came home and called it a day after watching a couple iCarly episodes on Netflix.
The next day Kandice called to see what our plans were because she didn't have a hubby around either. We went to her house and let the kids swim in her hot tub while we washed our cars and attempted to make some pillow case dresses for our girls. I guess it should come to no surprise that mine is still not finished a week later.
The next day was Sunday so it was fun to get everyone ready and to church on time without Todd--and the day after day light savings ended. Man! I really miss that extra hour! The kids were going to spend the night at G-ma Julie's because I was going to fill in at Dr. Heideman's office the next day and Tressa was willing to keep the kiddo's. That night we piled in the car and Porter shut the garage door from inside the garage and ran out. Well, I didn't have the keys to the car, or the house. We were stranded with no way to go any where or get back inside the house. I should explain: Since we moved I'm not used to having just one garage door opener and no code to get into the house from the outside. I am also not used to locking the doors EVERYTIME we leave the house. Todd had the only garage door opener in his truck and it's a good thing his truck was parked at the BLM with a spare key in place. I called Kandice, explained the situation, and she was sweet enough to let me borrow her car while I dropped off the boys and got the door opener from Todd's truck.
Work on Monday was busy but it made the time go by so quickly. The kids had so much fun swimming, going to the park and playing at G-ma Julie's that Julia cried when I got there and said she didn't want to go home with me. They love spending time with Aunt Tressa and G-ma Julie! That night I talked to Todd and he said they had been called to a different area and wouldn't be coming home until Thursday or maybe the weekend. When I told the kids that night Porter said, "Yes! We have so much fun when Dad's gone!" Payton said, "Porter! That is so rude to say! Huh, mom! Isn't that rude!" I just laughed because it's so true. We don't have a curfew when Dad's gone and we seem to play all day, don't clean as much, and I don't cook any meals other than "kid stuff" (mac 'n cheese, corn dogs, quesadilla's, chicken nuggets, frozen pizza's--you get the idea). Of course we have fun when dad's with us, just a little different kind.
Tuesday we spent the day in LaVerkin hanging with the old hood. I sure do miss all of them and enjoyed the time we got to spend with the gang! The kids played with each other really well while us mom's chatted and cut things out for an upcoming birthday party for Taylin--I can't believe she's going to be ONE! We ordered pizza that night and played until it was too dark outside to see. We didn't leave without making plans to go swimming at the rec center the next day together.
Wednesday started out with Payton's first practice for Baseball. I wasn't the best mom because I dropped him off and then went home and got the rest of the kids dressed for the day before I came back to pick him up. We swam that afternoon and then hung out at G-pa and G-ma Turek's until it was time to come home. That wasn't until after they had fed us all a dozen cookies and dinner.
Thursday we spent the morning/early afternoon back and G-ma and G-pa Turek's (again) where we picked up nuts, jumped and watched the blue angels practicing for the weekend of "Thunder over Utah" performance. After they fed us lunch we went back home and changed into our suits so we could go swimming at G-ma Julie's pool for a couple hours before our dad got into town that evening. That was the first meal I had to cook since Todd had left a week earlier. Let's just say I was a lot more excited to see him come home than I was to get myself back into the kitchen.
Friday started like we were back to our normal things around the house but then Tiff called at invited us to go swimming again at the Rec Center. Do you think the kids wanted to go after swimming so much through the break already? YOU BET! They couldn't wait! We spent the afternoon in the water while G-ma and G-pa Turek kept the babies, Alaina and Jess. After the swim, the kids that were dry enough climbed the rock wall and the rest went with Tiff back to grandma's house. The kids played so good together and I think they miss being able to live closer so they can do more together...or maybe that's just how I feel?
Saturday we got to see the Blue Angels and all the other planes in the "Thunder Over Utah" air show. They were so fun to watch! We watched from the half acre inside our truck and car because it was a little cold and windy. I tried taking a few pics but I know I need a better lens for the action. My favorite part was the loud noise the jets made when coming close to us. It gave me chills it was so awesome!

 It's good to  be back in school again but I really enjoyed getting to spend time with my kids for a whole week...and I wasn't totally sick of them either! Isn't that weird?? The kids are planning our next vacation for the summer already. I hope California can handle us...and we actually make it there this year!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Green Machine

Now that Jess is getting around on her knees so well we needed something to slow her back down. The Green Machine was just the thing! She can't go anywhere...unless one of her brothers or sister is pushing her around in it. This bad boy has stood the test of time. Todd used this when he was a baby. Can you believe his mom still has it? Every one of our kids have used it (as well as all four of G-ma Julie's kids) and it's still in working order! Jess doesn't know how to work the whole walker thing yet but it doesn't stop her from trying to pull her self up to it and standing next to it. It won't be long and she'll be the one pushing it around the house instead of someone pushing her.

Here's some Dirt...

It's a good thing we brought some muscle along to dig some holes

Payton's buried...let's get on top of him for a picture!

you'd think I would do her hair now and then...

nothin' like a little grit in your teeth

One day after Todd got home from work we decided to go play in the sand. We piled in the truck and had more fun than I thought. It was a good break from the norm. The kids had fun getting buried in holes and then trying to get back out of them. On the way home the kids loved riding in the back of the truck until it got too cold. I love living here! There's fun things to do with our family that don't cost us any more than just the gas to get there. I can't imagine our lives without being surrounded by these red rocks and red dirt. Of course there was a bit of sand in everything when we got home that night...but a little dirt never hurt!