Monday, January 30, 2012

Six Months

You can't see all of her chubby legs but I love how she plays with her toes when she had on no clothes!

Good morning, girls!

She's survived living in our family for six months now...and she still loves us as much as we love her!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Big 7 - 0 hhhh!

My mom turned 70 this last Sunday. All us girls got together to celebrate on Saturday. A few years ago we took my mom on a bike ride--it was Tiff's idea. My kids loved it and asked if we were doing that again. My mom of course hasn't forgotten it either, but she doesn't have as fond of memories for some reason. She was very nervous that we were going to do something like that again. I told her we were going roller blading this time. We had just all been together at the first of the year so I wasn't sure if Cheri (lives in Henderson, NV) or Trudi (lives in Grantville, UT) were going to make it for the lunch we had planned. When they both said they were going to be here I was so excited and tried to think of all the crazy things we could do just to scare my mom! We really had only planned on doing lunch on Saturday with all the girls and then cake and ice cream on Sunday with all the families that could come. My mom had no idea that Trudi was coming. Cheri spent the night on Friday and then Kandice, Tiffani and I all showed up on Saturday around 1pm. When Trudi got close she called my mom on the phone just to chat. My mom moved into the computer room so she could talk/hear better so she didn't see Trudi come into the house. My mom was so surprised to see her! It was so fun to be a part of the surprise!
We had lunch at my mom's (at her request. She didn't want to go to a restuarant.) We ordered food from Outback (our appetizer--an Awesome Blossom) and Durango's (the main course) and then we went to Costco and got a cheesecake (for dessert). 
It was so fun to be together with the girls. Grandpa was a good sport and kept Jess while we went and got our food. He even paid for our lunch! Double Bonus!! In return, we 'let' him eat with us! I know. We're too kind.
We stayed until late playing games--Tiff's first time playing fugitive...she loved it! We measured A'Lyssa and Ashton for a coffin and let them see stars through a coat sleeve. It was fun and even though it was for my mom, I really appreciated the 'time out' from being a mom!
Sunday night we had cake and ice cream at the club house. It was fun to celebrate my mom's birthday. It's just crazy that she's 70! I love my mom so much! She's such an example of service to me...I guess that's what mom's do! Maybe someday I will be as patient and loving as she is....Maybe.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Payton's Baptism

Payton turned 8 in December so we were looking forward to January so he could be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These are some pictures from his special day. I will have to write down some memories later because there are some things I know I will forget that I might want to remember later.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Christmas Memories

Christmas Eve Day (is that possible?) we went on a trail for a family walk. We couldn't be gone long because I had rolls raising that I needed to be back to monitor (which didn't turn out like they were supposed to anyway). It was a beautiful day! That night we went to g-pa and g-ma Turek's with all the family that lives around here. My mom and dad ate dinner upstairs with the kids while the adults (and three babies) at down stairs. It was really nice and quiet...for us downstairs.
After our delicious soup and bread bowls we went on a scavenger hunt. We were split into cars and taken to the Rec. Center where we could loose a few lbs. (of gold) and then we had to go pay our taxes at the City offices. Then it was off to the hospital to have a baby. We walked across the street and looked at the nativity. Then we headed over to the college to be educated. What did this have to do with Christmas? Figure it out.
The kids had fun running around looking for clues and riding in their uncle Jeff's car. I sat in the back of Randy and Stef's vehicle with Jess and had the occasional nursing program in the back seat.
We headed back to g-pa and g-ma's where they gave us some "gold". G-pa Turek chose all the oldest kids in the family to follow him and didn't tell them what they were getting. Someone said they were going to do the dishes. Payton broke down crying because he was chosen from our family and he didn't think it was fair that he had to do the dishes. Julia whined because SHE wanted to be chosen to do the dishes. Worst part is that they weren't even doing the dishes. G-pa was just getting every family their 'gold' which was the big pumpkin pies from Costco. All those tears from Payton for nothing!
We headed home where PJ Elf had left the kids jams and then it was off to bed...well, after Paton wrote Santa a letter and left him some of the pie--we neglected to get the cookies made for Santa this year.

Christmas morning we were up around 7 am and opening presents! We were spoiled, as usual. Julia was so cute because EVERYTHING she opened she would scream and be so excited! Christmas is so fun! I just hope that the little subtle hints and brief moments of sharing and talking about the true meaning of Christmas rubs off on our family. Sometimes I wonder.