Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Payton is SEVEN! and other news

opening gifts!

His DC Shoes. Don't look at JuJu's hair.

as we sang Happy Birthday to Payton

Making a wish over his pancake

I'm not sure what's more weird. The fact that Payton turned seven today or that he'll be eight next year. Either way, my kids are growing up. I was so excited for Payton to open his presents today because he really wanted a new pair of shoes. Of course, he didn't want just any shoes. He wanted "DC Shoes". Aren't they a little younger to be asking for designer things? I told him we could either have a b-day party for him or buy him a present. He chose to have a present, and well, he got his wish. He couldn't stop smiling when he saw the shoe box under that wrapping paper.
I hope he's had a great day at school today because I'm ditching him tonight for what will be my last work party with the Heideman group. After working there for 12 years I'm saying goodbye (until someone has a baby or needs a sub and calls me) to Dr. Heideman's office. I'm going to be working once a week for a pediatric dentist named Cody Johnson. I'm excited for a change and love that I'm going to get to work with kids. So if anyone is looking for a dentist for their kids, I know he does a great job (because I've gotten to fill in the office a couple times and he's good!).
In other news, I chopped my hair. Well, I didn't chop it, I let Kandice do that for me. I miss my long hair but this is a good change. I just wish Kandice would come to my house every day and fix my hair so I like it better. I'll keep practicing and might eventually get it to look as cute as it did the day I came home with it cut. I do have to write what Payton said about my hair cut when I come home from work Monday night (that's the night I had it cut). Payton met me in the garage and said, "You cut your hair?" I said, "Yup! Do you like it?" He said, "Well, you're not as cute as you used to be". Ahhhh, honestly. Where's the duct tape? Better yet, don't ask questions you might not want to hear the answer to.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunting

she reminded me of Randy from "The Christmas Story"

Porter's snow tree

making snowmen

Eating a tailgate lunch

Todd dragging the tree to the truck. Can you see JuJu?
family picture with the tree

Porter was the first to get cold...and wet.

Payton's giant snowball he made himself

This was how the kids helped...stay in the back and out of the way.
This year's Christmas Tree Hunt was an adventure. We took a detour to pick up some jerky in Glendale from Todd's buck this year. {yeah, I still haven't posted about his hunt this year,'s in the process} Although it was quite the detour to get the the Kaibab it was worth it. It's DANG GOOD JERKY!! When we finally made it to our Christmas Tree hunting grounds there was too much snow! Our new truck is a little lower to the ground so we had to put the chains on the tires and we still weren't able to go as far in as we wanted. The kids loved riding in the back of the truck while we moved forward and backward and turned around a few times. We decided to stop and let the kids play in the snow while Todd walked around trying to find a tree. After a quick lunch we drove further down a different road and let the kids get out and play again while Todd hiked into the forest of pinions trying to find a Christmas tree. I was getting really nervous that we were going to be taking one of those pinions home with us {which is what our very first Christmas tree was...we will avoid those at all costs in the future}. The kids loved making snow balls and rolling down hills while their dad was on the hunt. I was so excited to see Todd coming through the trees dragging a tree behind him. I was even more excited to see that it was a Blue Spruce instead of a pinion! We loaded up the kids, the gear and the tree and headed for home. This is our first tree like this so we're not used to the soft needles and the branches that can't hold as many decorations but that didn't stop the kids from trying. There were as many as six balls on one branch until mom and dad got involved. It's going to be a long season with the decorations. It seems like we break at least one ball a day {and a record 8 balls while we were decorating}. We will be investing in some non-breakable balls for our future decorating purposes. Now all we have to do is be good so Santa will come!{That's easier said than done}