Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

It feels like we've been Halloweening for a few days now. We dressed up for our Ward Chili Cookout and Halloween Party last Saturday and then got all dressed up a week later for school, family party, and then finally trick or treating. I'm glad it's over. I've painted Payton's face four times now and Julia has worn two {very} different costumes. Good thing there's Porter that has not put up much fuss about his costume...once we decided on one.
So here's this year's results:
Dracula, Spiderman and Superman/girl {she was Tinkerbell for one night but apparently that was enough}
Julia and cousin Riley-Friday Night Family Party-
Spiderman (Porter)
Dracula (Payton)
Supergirl (Julia--couldn't get her off the bike)
We seem to always have a neighbor around while taking pictures
pumpkin guts!
carving pumpkins...with neighbors
Halloween Parade at the school

 This picture was taken at Payton's school. I really wanted to get her skirt because my neighbor {one of Julia's other mom's} across the street made it for her. I love it! This isn't a good picture so we'll try again later.

It's nice that Halloween only comes once a year. I did enjoy my dinner at Farmer's Market Halloween night! We got a burger (or hot dog), a bag of chips and a drink for $1. Todd and Payton ate TWO!!
I love this small town!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Buzz or Woody?

I needed to write this down because it is one to remember. We were driving home from church last week when Payton said he really wanted me to make an appointment with Aunt Kandice for a hair cut. Porter said he wanted a buzz. I told him that was one hair cut I could do at home. Then he asked, "Do you know how to do a Woody?" I looked at Todd with a {where did that come from} look. Then it hit me that he was talking about Toy Story. Todd had just taken the kids that weekend to see Toy Story 3 so when he talks about "a Buzz" he's talking about Buzz Lightyear. We {Todd and I} laughed more than we should have, but it was funny--especially when I quietly mentioned to Todd that he would be more capable of doing a Woody than me.
Well, I had to call Kandice and tell her the funny story and set up hair appointments. When we got there she asked if she was doing Buzz or Woody cuts that day. Both boys chose a Woody. {go figure} We met up with Todd for lunch and one of the first things out of Porter's mouth was, "Dad! Aunt Kandice gave me a Woody!"
Needless to say, our entire family who knows the story has gotten a good chuckle out of the whole thing. Thus, the reason for posting it here.... So Porter knows what an awesome boy he is at five years old and the darndest things he says to get mom and dad laughing!