Friday, August 20, 2010


Julia has moved on past her crib. I wasn't really thinking she'd be too excited to sleep in and actually stay in bed but so far, she loves it! It's fun to say prayers beside her bed and then she climbs in ready to go to sleep. It's really got me thinking it's time to fill the crib with something {or someone} else. . .

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Payton's First Day of 1st Grade!

Payton's first day of school 2010
Another school year has begun and Payton has been anxiously awaiting this moment! I can't remember how many times during the summer when we would put him in bed he would wine about not being in school. His kindergarten teacher did her job because Payton sure loves school.
His 1st grade teacher this year is Mrs. Williams. I was so sad because I had to work the day school started but I have a great boss that let me come an hour late so I could see him off for his first day. He's a little more independent that I was at his age. He kept telling me he'd just ride his bike down and he'd be fine. I really wanted to make sure he found his classroom so I insisted on taking him to school. He was so excited to eat lunch at school this year. I gave him the choice of taking a lunch or eating at school and it was not even a contest which one he wanted. He was going for the chocolate milk!! He was supposed to meet at the flag pole after school and walk home with a group of kids from our neighborhood. {I love that there are so many kids to walk home with!!}
I was still at work when Payton got home from school but I had left him a snack in the fridge to eat until his dad got there. When I called to check on him and see how his day went he said, "I didn't even get in trouble!" Well, if that doesn't say what kind of a school year we're going to have, I don't know what does!
We had a good back to school night and I'm really excited for this school year! I love his teacher and can't wait to see what big steps Payt will be taking this year!
....Now I just need to figure out how to make staying home and learning something fun for Porter. He tells everyone he's doing homeschool and cried the night before school because he was supposed to be starting school too but was being taken to Grandma's and she wouldn't know about home school. I let him know his school didn't start until next week. Any good lesson plans out there I should be using or sharing with my four year old? Let the fun begin!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday Drive

The Redwood Tree
Playing on the rocks
the boys crossing logs
Porter and Julia
We took our family on a Sunday drive up through Browse. Todd had to get out of the house and it's too hot to go for a walk {at least for us Calico's} so of course we took the new truck out and off the pavement. Todd took us somewhere I had never been and the kids are ready to go back. He took us down to the ranger station they have out there and the kids loved hiking around and playing by the little stream that flows there. We took a family picture by the big red wood someone planted down there. It makes me want to go see the real redwood forest...someday.