Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Day of School

Payton and Mrs. HoldawayThe blessed year of Kindergarten is over today as of 11:45 am. Payton has had a terrific year and his teacher did her job because Payton loves school! We attended his Kindergarten graduation yesterday where the kids sang songs letting us know if they learned nothing else they learned to sing...and did I mention he loves school. Last week I went with our neighbor {Jen} who also has a Kindergartener and we ate lunch with our kids in the lunch room...just so they would know what it was like. Then we showed them the playgrounds they would play on and all the fun things they get to do next year as 1st graders. Porter's ready to go to school too because of the taco and chocolate milk we had. It's so fun to see Payton growing up and he's so excited about changes. He doesn't get that from his mom. I hate change...unless it's the kind in my pocket.Congrats, Payton! You made it through your first year of school...and so did your mom! I gotta admit that I got a little emotional when their graduation was about over and the principal said, "I give you the graduating kindergarten class of 2010!!" Silly, I know, but my emotions got the best of me when my eyes teared up a bit thinking he's getting so "old".I knew he had grown but this shows how much

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

18 months...and counting

Julia 18 months old

Julia reached that monumental 18 month mark this month {May 11th to be exact}. Yes, I'm a little late in blogging about it. It's just that SHE'S SO DANG BUSY!! Ok, that's not really the reason but she really is a busy body. And don't even get me started on the girls attitude that has started. I could write all the negative things she does that seems to really drive me crazy but a good mom would write all the great things about her.
I'm just not a good mom.
She is so clingy lately. We let her go to nursery a few weeks before she was actually "legal" {one of the perks of serving in the primary presidency} and she did great! Now that she's really allowed to be there, she's awful! She cries and screams. We're hoping this phase is over soon. {not only my sake but for the nursery leaders sake} It's not just at church. If we go outside and then she sees me go inside the house she flips out because she wants me to be outside and watch her.
Ok, so that's really the only bad things about this girl that I can think of right now. She's soooo dang cute! She's turning into quite the little mother to her babies and she keeps up with the boys as good as any 18month old could. We have quite the neighborhood full of kids and Julia is just one of them. She jumps on the tramp, rides her wiggle bike, swings, plays ball, climbs hills, plays in the dirt {her diaper every day has been filled with red sand since we did the sandbox thing at our house}...anything the big kids are doing she is in the mix. The best part is they all love her too and don't mind her tagging along. She reminds me of the story "The Pokey Little Puppy" because she's always the last to get places but at least she gets there.
Some of her favorite foods are strawberries, chicken nuggets, grapes, peas, and nuts {you name the nut, she loves it--we even take a bag of peanuts to church now for her snack--forget the cereal and pretzels!} She loves babies {dolls and the real thing} and animals. Luckily we live around dogs that love kids so no bad experiences, yet. She thinks the neighbors houses are her own. She wanders from house to house not realizing the street is no place for her {another benefit of where we live.} She's just tall enough to open the doors now and comes and goes as she pleases. She loves the water, the dirt, the mud and the best is playing in any of those with her brothers. I should really take a picture of her in the morning. Her hair is EVERYWHERE! She won't keep her bows, clips or barrettes in her hair very long. She looks pretty straggly most of the time but that's how we roll. She loves balls, bubbles, helping mom with sewing projects, her blankie, her binkie and making other kids laugh with the silly things she does.
We love this cute baby girl and love that she's growing up to have such a cute personality {good and bad} but it doesn't seem so long ago that I was in a hospital bed trying to hold her back until the doctor could get there. Just goes to show, as hard as we try we're not going to be holding her back from anything she really wants to do. She'll just scream at us if we do! Must be a girl thing.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tiff Says it Best

I would blog about this but Tiff already did it...just check it out...if you're interested!
Dirty Story Ahead!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Homework: Talking Turkey

One of Paytons "homework" assignments last month was to tell a story and have mom or dad write it down. Here's Payton's story...

Ok, so we got out of the truck and we heard a turkey gobble. And then we started to hike and hike and hike until we got to this spot and put this blind over us. Then we put the decoys out and Tyler {our neighbor} started to call and call and call. Then these two jakes {young male turkeys} came in and then he called again. but then this other huge one came and Tyler thought is was an 8 inch beard so dad said, "Should we take 'im?" Tyler said, "Sure". So dad shot him. The end.

The mighty hunters
Payton, Todd & Tyler

It was a good turkey hunt this year for Todd and I'm so glad Payton got to be there with him. They went out early one morning before school and were home in time for Payton to take the story with him to school. It had an 11 inch beard {apparently that's great!} and according to Payton it had hair on its waddle and on it's chest. Gotta love the hunters!!The 11 inch beard
{probably why I've never been one who likes beards}