Thursday, November 26, 2009

So Much to Be Thankful For

There's no way I could post all I'm grateful for so here's today's thankful list:

Teeth to eat our dinner today...

Payton lost his first tooth last week!

Eyes to see all the world has to offer....

Payton's been taking pictures of himself lately. He must get it from his Uncle Tav. This is one of his greatest.

Family to share all life's jouney's with...

I love these kiddo's!

Modern appliances (what a time saver--to do dishes and laundry at the same time!!)...

--No picture required--

Ears to hear all the noises (good and bad)...

Todd's been using these ear plugs lately around the house.

Sister's (I really hope Julia gets to have one too...of course not for a little while!)...

Tonight us girl's are pulling an all nighter doing scrapbooking/making videos/hanging out and then we're going to pull a crazy stunt like going to the BLACK FRIDAY sales. Stupid, I know!

Of course this isn't all but it's a good start for the day. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Ju Ju

Crazy that one year ago we brought this sweet little girl home from the hospital with us. Time has flown by! We celebrated her b-day last night. Here's a few pic's from her party...

Khloee and Julia and the new baby doll and stroller

Jul's riding her new toy from g-ma Julie

Kandice made this amazing b-day cake. Julia had 21 people at her party and we only ate the top part of the cake. That lets you know how big of a cake Kandice made. It was awesome!

Jordan, Riley, Tara, Tressa & Payton

g-ma Julie, Julia & Tressa

cake and ice cream...yum!

New presents

TuTu JuJU-Tara made this tutu, the bows and the necklace she's wearing. So cute!

Julia and Riley--wouldn't be a b-day party without b-day suits!
Kisses goodbye.

I'll have to get on the scrapbook pages but you get the idea. Julia had a great first birthday with cake, ice cream and surrounded by family! Thanks everyone!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Kandice borrowed her neighbors camera and took some pictures of Jul's. Here's the results... Of course it wouldn't be complete without a few tears...

I hope this doesn't mean she hates girly things.

and Porter really needed some pictures too. I just didn't know it was going to be such a fight to get the superman costume off!

I hope they look just as good in larger sizes. We'll find out later today.