Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Farewell Football 2016

Football season has come and gone. The boys have both played for Dixie teams this year because we can't seem to convert enough Pine View players to play for the Red Rock League instead of the SUNYFL league.

Payton has learned so much this year and has gotten so much better! His last game definitely was his best. I think he has learned that when he works hard he can do great things! Dixie got a bad luck of the draw this year because they had to play the two best teams in the league twice. They definitely did better against the other two teams in the league but they only got to play them once. The season was cut a little shorter than normal because they didn't make it to the play offs this year. They walked away from the season with only one win but there was so much improvement that as a parent, I was happy with the season. Coach Blackner and Coach Madrigal did a great job helping the boys play with discipline and working hard in practices. I loved watching them play. I am not going to miss the fragrant smell of football pads after picking Payton up from practice. 

 Porter has had a very different season than last year, in more ways than one. Last year his team went undefeated all season, but Porter rarely saw the field, and when he was on the field he didn't do much. After most of his games we would have to avoid talking to him because he was upset that he got little to no playing time.

This year his team didn't win a single game. Not one. But, HE PLAYED! The Dixie White 5/6 grade team had what I figured to be the "left overs" and half their team had never played tackle football before. Their coaches made practices fun and helped them learn the game, their positions, and how to run plays. They obviously didn't have the best team in the league but the coach made sure everyone got to play every game and I felt like that was more important than having a winning season. 

Porter played Wide Receiver on offense and towards the end of the season he got to run the ball a little bit. On defense I would cringe when they had him playing as the safety because I knew he was the "last chance" to stop the ball before the other team got a touch down. Porter wasn't as tall or fast as some of those boys to stop them--too much pressure for me.

So, farewell football until we meet again next season. I'm a little on the fence as to whether Payton will play for Red Rock one last year or join some of his Pine View boys in the SUNYFL league. Crazy to think he only has one more year until he'll be playing for the High School--well, hopefully! Because I love watching a good football game!