Tuesday, January 13, 2015


We love our dog Pete. Grandpa and Grandma Turek kept him while we went to California for Christmas and he got spoiled by them. He thinks he needs to be loved and treated super nice now. The other night we let him come inside the house--usually he gets to come in to vacuum after dinner and then he's back out. The kids were in their PJ's and jumped in bed after prayers. Pete jumped in bed with Jess and Julia and snuggled right in. It was my bribe to keep the girls in bed that night. I told them if they get up for any reason I would have to put Pete back outside. They slept really good until Jess fell out of bed, Julia peed and that is when Pete went outside. I let him lay in there with the girls again last night and while everyone was sleeping I was in folding laundry. I could hear Pete dreaming and whining in his sleep. He must have really wanted to catch that bird he was chasing. He slept there all night long until Todd put him out this morning before he left to work. I hope I'm not creating a problem. The funny thing was that when Pete came out into the kitchen I went and opened the back door for him. He slunk back into the girls room and layed down. He must have known the deal too. If he's going to get out of bed, he's going outside.

Good think I like the ol' fella!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello 2015

For New Year's Eve we went to the Hurricane Rec Center. The night was spent by eating, dancing, playing dodge ball, eating some more, playing a wicked awesome game of hockey, running around crazy, and then finally getting into bed and settling down for a sleep over in Hurricane! As we were leaving St. George it had started to snow so I was sure that we would be hit with a white wonderland when we got to Hurricane or at least when we woke up the next morning. When we hit the off ramp toward Hurricane our white flurries had stopped and were to be seen no more. Sad to say I didn't take many pictures but it was a fun night.
We were so into our Hockey game when it hit midnight that we hurry and ran outside in the cold and then hurry and ran back in to play some more hockey. It was so fun!! I'm blaming that on the lack of pictures taken. So sad :(

Tayosha's last New Year until she comes home from her mission

Some funny memories of the night:
vThe little girls (Khloee, Emmie, Julia, Lainee and Jess) wanted to make up dances to Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" all night
Luke called out Porter's name in the nigh for some reason
Porter had to wake me up at some point to go pee
Julia woke up crying in the night because she was cold and had to come share my blanket (even though she was sleeping on top of her sleeping bag)
Jess woke up and tripped over Khloee, Payton and Traxten before she made it to me and said, "I want to go home". She laid down by me and was asleep in 20 seconds.
Payton was mad at his mom for not getting to play "Call of Duty" on the play station
Porter hit his head pretty hard on the floor as we were cleaning up to go home and came home with a souvenir to start his new year

The next day we were invited over to Grandma Julie's for a New Year Get Together. We ate yummy chips, dips, snacks and drinks and played games. It was a great way to start 2015.