Friday, September 19, 2014

Little Buckaroos

We took the kids to the Rodeo this year. It's been a couple years and it is "Kids night" (which means the kids get in free so you shouldn't complain about paying $10/ticket for adults! they think). Payton had football practice at the park right by the rodeo so we loaded the kids up and 'let' Payton change in the van after practice and headed to the rodeo. Who doesn't love the rodeo? Crowds of people. Sitting on cement steps/bleachers. Kids begging for money to buy a burger or snow cone. Jess wanting to sit on your lap even though she will be kicking the person in front of you in the back. Ahhh. The blessed thing they call a Rodeo.
That being said, it was really fun. Jess liked looking at the calfs and sheep. They all begged to do the Mutton Bustin' and were bummed when I informed them they had to have signed up weeks prior to the rodeo. Their favorite part would have been the 'after rodeo' pary. They brought in a Motor Cross group and did jumps and tricks on their dirt bikes. The kids LOVED it! In all my 'Rodeo-ing' years, I've never seen them do that! I'm sure next year there will be four kids ready to hit the rodeo again. Good ol' Dixie Roundup fun!