Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jess Gets A Haircut

Little Miss Mullet has been in need of a hair cut for some time not but I just couldn't bring myself to cut her hair. On a Saturday that Kandice was in town I told her it was time. She was good to sit still and I'm afraid now that it's short I won't ever do her hair because it looks fine without much help from me. I guess we'll see how long it takes for her hair to grow. Knowing our luck, it will just grow the mullet part back.

Another School Year

School has begun once again. We've had a great summer and got to do a good variety of things but it's always nice to get back in school and get back to some kind of routine...well, it's a work in progress, the whole routine thing, but it's nice to think we might get back into some kind of routine.

This year Payton is king of the school as a mighty fifth grader. He got the teacher he wanted, Mr. Eardley. He had him last year with the 45th grade (4/5th grade combined class) and loved him so much he wanted him again. I think he really just liked having him again because Mr. Eardley will play football or basket ball with the kids during recess. Just my opinion, though.

Porter is in third grade this year. He's enjoying having Mrs. Sabaitis again. He had her in first grade so we tease him that instead of going on to third he has to go back to first again. So far he talks about liking school but when it comes time to do homework, he's not showing that love to mom.

Julia started Kindergarten this year. She has Mrs. Stewart and on the first day of school she said it was a good day because, "I didn't get into trouble one time, mom!" I guess that would make a good day. Stay out of trouble = enjoy school and your teacher!

Jess (Julia's shadow) gets left behind for the 2 1/2 hours Julia is at school.  She will ask throughout the morning if it's time to go get Julia yet. She is doing pretty well to entertain herself while mom gets a few things done but she is Julia's "bestest buddy" once she gets home. Of course, we're only on day THREE of Julia being in school so lets home we make it the whole year!

One thing I love about this new school year is that Panorama Elementary is doing "The Leader in Me" series that is supposed to teach the kids 7 great habits--if my kids will only learn them! Porter had to learn the song for their first assembly last week. 

Habit 1- Be Proactive
Habit 2- Begin with the End in Mind
Habit 3- Put First Things First
Habit 4- Think Win Win
Habit 5- Seek first to understand, then to be understood
Habit 6- Synergize
Habit 7- Sharpen the Saw

My kids will be so much better off in their future if they can learn and apply these habits now. Let's hope something sticks! It's going to be a great year. I'm just hoping I can keep up to date on a few of the exciting moments that happen through the year!