Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Disgrace to the Country

Payton came home from school yesterday with stooped shoulders and his face a bit down and gloomy. He said, "Mom. I'm a disgrace to the Country." His eyes were down at the floor when he said it and I could tell he felt pretty bad about himself. After asking why he would say something like that, he said, "I was on flag duty today and I let the flag touch the ground."
I assured him he was NOT a disgrace to the Country, but it was probably a good lesson for him to learn early on. I'm glad he has good scout leaders that have taught him the importance of taking care of the flag and when he knows he hasn't done it exactly right he feels bad about it and doesn't just think it's ok.
I think he'll probably be more careful the next time because he'll remember how he felt. 
I was a little proud of my "Disgrace to the Country" Son.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

I can't wait until my kids get to the age where they 'make up' what they want to be instead of having to buy costumes. Payton's there and so is Jess, but only because she doesn't have much of an opinion yet. Here's this years results...

Julia, Sarah Curtis and Courtlin Atkinson (school/primary Friends)

We went trick-or-treating with the Topham's, just like last year. It sure makes it fun for Todd and I when our kids can run together and we get to chat with Seth and Mandy.