Monday, October 21, 2013

Julia's in Preschool!

School had started for the boys and the question remained...Do we send Julia to Preschool? Neither one of the boys went to a preschool but I saw what a benefit it would have been for Porter to have gone. I couldn't bring myself to shelling out $75+ every month for her to spend a couple hours a week having a social least that's what I figured it would be. We had applied to the Preschool the district has close by at Sandstone Elementary but the odds weren't very good that we would be accepted.
One of the ladies in our ward was going to be doing a preschool at an affordable price ($55/month) but got offered a job with the school district doing preschool at another Elementary in town so there went my option.
When I came home from running errands one day there was a message on my machine asking if I would still be interested in the preschool offered at Sandstone. I couldn't believe it! We were in!! I ran up to the school and gave them all the documentation they needed and then had an appointment the next week for Julia's testing. While we were there we found out Courtlin (from Julia's primary class) would be in the same session! Yeah for instant friends in school!
Julia LOVES school and she's learned so much already! The first few weeks were hard because she really wanted to be able to write her name. She has practiced and practiced and after a few months of school she's finally got it!
She walks around singing her ABC's and other fun songs she's learned in class. She's even taught her baby sister the ABC song! We were blessed and fortunate that she's able to go Monday-Thursday for 2 hours every day and I see such improvement with her desire to learn. I hope it lasts through most, if not all, of her schooling years.

Hanging up her back pack and putting on her Lanyard

Julia and Courtlin

Ms. Smith (the conductor) and Julia's Preschool class