Friday, August 30, 2013

A Little Snot

This morning I tried to help Julia get dressed. It was a waste of time. She's in a phase where she wants help getting dressed but doesn't want anything you choose. After 5 different options I'm done helping and threaten to leave. This results in hysterical crying. So, we do the routine all over again ending in the same result. At that point I really do leave and in the process I join her 4 year old game and call her a little snot for acting like that. Jess hears my name calling and joins in my rant about what a spoiled girl Julia is being.
Jess and I go into my bathroom, trying to ignore the streaks and wailing coming from down the hall. I start doing my hair while Jess sits on the potty (which she's doing so well at by the way--as long as she gets a gumball when she's done). While Jess is sitting there she says, "Duya's bein a snot!" I agree and say, "Yes she is. Do you know why she's crying like that?" Jess nods and says, "Because shes got snot up her nose."
Well, I guess she's right by now. After all that crying one tends to build up something in the eyes and nose. Good observation by the two year old.