Monday, March 25, 2013

Chocolate Chips? I'm All Ears!

Julia loves having little tea parties lately. On a good food day (when there is actually some food in the house) there are crackers, string cheese, chocolate chips and water. On a bad day there is usually only chocolate chips and water. Great tea party, huh?
Well, one day--it was apparently a bad day, with only chocolate chips and water--Julia and Jess had a fabulous tea party. G-pa and G-ma Turek called to see if we wanted to make a Costco run with them (they ARE my Costco membership right now). I quickly got the girls shoes on and tried to do a quick run with the comb through their hair and we were off. When we met G-pa and G-ma at the door I noticed something brown by Julia's ears but thought it was just her headband covering over her ear. After closer inspection I could tell is was chocolate that was pooling in her ear and starting to run from the inside of her ear to the outside of her ear and down her temples. 
"Julia! Did you put chocolate chips in your ears?" She quickly plugged her fingers in her ears and kept them there for quite a while. When she finally pulled her fingers out, they were covered in chocolate. Thank goodness there are so many samples in Costco so we had plenty of napkins to clean the chocolate off her fingers and stop it from running out of her ears. Much more fun than wax I tell ya!
When we got home we finished the clean out job. I took one picture on my cell phone while Julia wasn't looking because she didn't want any pictures of what she had done. She knew she would get laughed at. When I tried to show Todd the picture I discovered I hadn't saved it. So, unfortunately, no pictures but I know G-pa and G-ma Turek got a great chuckle over it (G-pa even said, "Well that's something I've never seen before!") and so did Julia's mom and dad. And hopefully we've learned a lesson not to put things in our ears, especially not chocolate chips!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tax Return In Use

We wanted to redo the back yard with some of our tax return this year. We got started early (before we even did our taxes-Heck! Before we even got all our W2's!) and with the help of friends we got the back yard ripped up from the old grass, rocks, tree roots, dog poop, etc. During the process Rusty didn't lay in the dirt. He would use the cement or tramp as a resting place. He also wouldn't poop in the dirt. We were really hoping his habits would continue when we put sod in the back.

The wrecking crew (Topham's)
Out with the old...

With the help of a friend, Todd redid all the sprinkler lines and sprinklers in the back and also put in two new water taps that are going to be really nice to have. We laid some pavers around the tramp so we have a good edge to mow against (and it just looks good). One day while I was at soccer practice Todd went and got sod and started laying it all out. It was a fun surprise to have when we got home!

pavers around the tramp

Rusty's been pretty good NOT to use the new grass as his bathroom but I can't say he's never done it because that would be a lie. It's one of our favorite places to be together now that there's some nice green to run on. Bring on the sunshine!