Monday, February 25, 2013

Goodbye Crib

I took down the crib today. Jess doesn't stay in it anymore. She has mastered the scaling of the prison walls and knows to how to wake up her big sister in the middle of the night to get the bedroom door open. They both come into our room EVERY NIGHT. So, what's the point of leaving the crib up? There just isn't one.
Julia sleeps on the floor by my side of the bed and I end up pulling Jess into bed with us. Todd doesn't allow it too long because he can't sleep so he puts her on his side of the bed with the threat to, "Be quiet or you're going back to your crib!" In time Jess falls to sleep followed quickly by her mom and dad only to find the morning sunlight is too quickly right around the corner. 
With the crib being taken down this morning the girls were enjoying jumping on the crib mattress. Julia started jumping from the top bunk down to the ground and told me, "Mom! When you grow up to be a kid you can do this!" I can't wait to grow up to be a kid. It looks way more fun!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Make A Wish

Today I pulled a loose eye lash from Julia's eye and held it on my finger. I told her that when you get an eyelash like that you put it on your finger and make a wish and then blow it off. She made a quick wish, and blew off the eyelash. Then I asked her what she wished for. She replied, "I wished for a new mom!" WHAT? I didn't tell her that if you tell what you wish for your wish won't come true.