Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two Too Funny's This Morning

I've been slacking on posting (I will catch up and back date someday) but this morning I needed to write a couple things that happened or they will forever be gone from my memory.
Todd left for work this morning at 4:30 am. I heard Payton's alarm go off at 5:16 am. I don't recall hearing it any other morning and thought it was a fluke. Well, soon after I hear Jess wake up. Then I hear someone come from the boys room into the girls room and get Jess out of her crib. Of course my room is the next place of entry. Payton carries Jess into bed with me and then leaves for a minute into the rest of the house. Then he comes back into my room. I asked why his alarm went off this morning so early. He said he set it for that time so he could get up early to look for Scout.
Ahhh. Scout. Our cute little Elf on the Shelf. He arrived last night and the kids have been awesome! They cleaned their rooms (not because I said anything, but because Scout would tell Santa how clean their room was!) and read their books without any trouble. They even brushed their teeth the FIRST time I asked! Why does Scout not stay all year long? Oh yeah. Because he would run out of hiding places and might forget to hide way too often throughout the year. 
Sadly, Payton was unable to find Scout this morning and came back to bed until it was really time to get up. But with a little help from Porter, Scout was spotted at breakfast!
The second funny thing this morning was Payton sniffing his arm pits. He said, "I wonder why my pitts smell like dad's after he's hunted all day?" Ha! He's growing up too fast! He's almost nine but he's such a big kid that I'm sure deodorant on a daily basis will not be uncalled for. I guess he's going to have to start taking showers in the mornings instead of at night so his pitts will be fresh! I love this kid!!

Friday, November 23, 2012