Friday, August 24, 2012

Pioneer Day

This is a bit of a back track post but one I needed to get done. We spent the 24th of July (aka Pioneer Day) in Hatch this year. We went up the night before, got there late, let the kids hunt for some night crawlers and then called it a day. We got up the next morning and headed to the park for the parade. We were an hour early--which is soooo unusual for us. I guess it helps to think the parade is an hour earlier because for the parade in Hatch you don't want to be late. It's over in about 5 minutes. The kids were loaded with their candy and then made their way to the park for the races. After the races we bought some tickets to play some fun games and win some prizes. We headed back to the 'Hatch House' for some lunch and to mow the lawn. There was an awesome rain storm which we enjoyed out on the deck. Todd took the boys fishing while the girls hung out with me and napped. Then we cleaned up and headed toward the dumpsters just out of town and shot guns before we headed for home. It was a quick get-away but fun for everyone to take a break together. I had a picture overload. Sorry. Trying out the whole B&W feature on the camera.