Monday, November 15, 2010

Bentley's back in the"Hood"

We really have an awesome neighborhood. There are TONS of kids constantly running around together and we've made some good friends being over here. This story is just one example of what kind of neighborhood we live in:
The first three pictures were taken when Jul's about a year old...thus the reason for the bottle and lack of hair.
Julia, Porter, Bently (the dog) and Carson
Julia LOVES Bently!
 The family across the street (The McLemore's) have a cute little chihuahua named Bentley. He comes to my house often and does the vacuuming in my kitchen. Of course he's a little more picky than some dogs so he won't eat EVERYTHING I would like him to. Julia will spend plenty of time over at Bentley's house and loves that little dog.
Well, Saturday, Todd and Tyler (that's the neighbor--or Bentley's "dad") went quail hunting. Todd took Payton and Tyler took Bentley. (yeah, not exactly a hunting dog but whatever?) While the boys were hunting, Bentley got lost/or scared of the gun shots. The boys looked for him for a few hours, yelling, whistling, anything to try and find him. There were eagles flying over head and they kidded about one of them picking him off (have you seen The Proposal?) and they found a "scratch mark from a coyote" (ask the boys what that means 'cause I'm not all that sure--just that there was a coyote around?) and they thought maybe Bently had been eaten by the coyote. I tried to keep telling them that he wandered to the street and someone stopped and picked him up. Of course that meant that Bently was still gone because who would return that cute pup? Oh! I forgot to mention that he wasn't wearing any collar or tags so someone might have thought he was a stray...or something and would have been more liable to keep him.
That night the boys came home empty handed and with heavy hearts thinking that Bentley could be out there in the desert landscape freezing or avoiding predators. Sunday we went to our meetings and saw the McLemore's at church. No news of Bently. Just red eyes from the crying the night before. Poor little Carson (he's 6) had cried himself to sleep that night because of the missing dog. After church we told them we were going to go back out and look for him on our way to Todd's moms for dinner. We were there for about 30 minutes and the McLemore's and the Wilson's (another family up the street from us) showed up to look one more time for Bentley. After scrutinizing every track we could find, Todd thought he could see Bentley's paw prints heading toward the paved road. It's all we could do to just hope someone had found him.
Well, today Bentley's family went to the Washington City dog pound in hopes of finding their dog. Lo and Behold HE WAS THERE! It was a great reunion. Jen called us up and let us know he had been found. Monique (Wilson) came over soon after and had painted a welcome home sign to put up at their house and with the help of another neighbor we staked it in the ground, tied some balloons and anxiously awaited the families return.
Bentley got lost around the Coral Canyon area (the opposite side of the golf course) and was found in Washington on Telegraph and 300. He made quite a journey before someone had found him and took him in. Just one happy story for the "hood" to share together...and one for my books to read and laugh about later!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ju Ju Turns TWO!

My 8lb 8oz girl born on 11-11-08
1st B-day
in her B-day suit after playing in the mud
 We love this little stinker!
Thank Emmie for letting Jul's borrow your bike! She LOVES it!!!