Saturday, March 6, 2010

Invest in Gold!

When I go to work I hear these "Invest in Gold" commercials. You know the ones? {Bald man with monopoly like mustache} Well, we just invested in a little this weekend. I'll post pictures when I have some {thanks to Tiff with her camera}. Payton brought home his first gold medal from wrestling. Sure he was at an advantage only having to wrestle two boys instead of three and sure he was faster because he wasn't quite as big as the other boys but we're still proud of him! He was in the heaviest weight division weighing the least of the three heaviest kids in Kindergarten {if that makes sense}. He weighed in at 63 lbs and the heaviest kid weighed 75 lbs. That is a big kindergarten baby! I have video footage but of course we're not digitally enhanced...yet so you'll just have to make due with my bragging session in writing...until I can prove otherwise. I just wish the gold was really worth something {I mean more than the memories and big head of my son}